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When you Need a Dog in the House

Updated: Mar 18

Dominic Pennzello  @dompennz , 6'2 , 175 , c/o 25 from Mount Signal High School, NY is a dynamic athlete who is a lethal silky smooth shot from downtown. Electric off the bounce with crafty moves and slick handles to burst into the seams and finish strong in the midrange or at the rim. And if the defense collapses  he can drop some sweet dimes. He is also very effective snatching boards  and an outstanding defender..Deceptive speed that gets him anywhere he wants to go at will. 

Last season Dominic averaged 14.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1.1 steals and 0.1 blocks. . Dominic played AAU for Long Island Sound and his favorite memory was scoring 25+ points a game during every AAU tournament with that team. Dominics biggest improvement was his ball handling..As an underclassman Dominic was a 3 and D player..With his growing role as an upperclassman has changed to a primary scorer and due to the constant double teams , face guarding, and box and 1s Dominic knew he had to improve his ball handling drastically. Also improved his assists. With the defense making everything 1000 harder, Dominic knew he had to find a way to punish those defenses stacked against him. At the beginning of the season , he certainly wasn't ready   but by midseason his passing went to another level and his goal is to continue to improve it more heading into next season. Dominic finished the season averaging 22 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 2.4 steals per game. Going into this year's AAU session , Dominic has proposed to expand his game by becoming a better defender in hopes of using his mastery of both offensive abilities and defensive swag he can draw the eyes of even D1 coaches and bring in a few offers.. 

Dominic may not be the freshest kid in the gym but he will be the grittiest get it done type player every time. His mission is always to win while not allowing anyone to outwork him..Dominic has unlimited shooting range and loves battling on the boards. though he is undersized. His IQ drives him to focus on the details while doing the dirty work like taking charges and getting on the floor for loose balls, while being consistent at making game winning plays.That will to win coupled with his intense work ethic and solid skills sets him apart. and helps with the assurance he can compete anywhere with anyone. His mindset is players that work extremely hard every single play are a dying breed and he will be known as one of those. . Never afraid of tough environments and lives for those big moments most kids shy away from. In clutch moments Dominic  wants to be that guy with ice water in his veins. Nothing phases him in those moments and will get it done even if there is an immense amount of pressure.  The assessment is D1 but Dominic would consider a lower division if that were his only option. But that dog in him keeps pushing to battle among the best and just needs the opportunity to compete on the big stage knowing his skills will speak loud and clear. Get this young star on your radar and track him hard. You won't be disappointed.


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