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Gridiron Maestro: The Dynamic QB Mastermind

Bryce Backus @BryceBracus42 , 6'3 , 185, c/o 27 from  Caledonia, MI is a dynamic playmaker with incredible accuracy and timing. Bryce has a high IQ and makes quick reads and adjustments using his ability to see the whole field and anticipate quickly whether to airlift the pass or take off for a more productive gain. Bryce is the number 2 ranked QB in MI for a reason and in the Top 35 in the country isn't a joke , this kid is a stud. Bryce has the size to be a pocket passer, but also the athleticism to escape the pocket and throw or run. What he brings to the field that sets me apart is the will to win and the passion to do whatever is necessary to win. Whether it’s the football field or the basketball court, he does the little things to help his team win. As a dual sport athlete he clearly gets how to be a game changer and fierce competitor. For example ,   Bryce started on varsity basketball this year and led the team in rebounding, but the way he helped that team the most was being a vocal leader on the defensive end. Leadership which carries over on the field.

This past season in 7 games Bryce went 56/86( 65.1% ) for 1302 yards with 16 TDS and 1 int while adding another 351 rushing yards with 4 TD, averaging 7.16 yard per carry. Bryce's biggest improvement from last season was being better at reading the defense and finding the open man but feels like he  needs to improve on the most is his arm strength while just trying to work on my skill set. And with division one, FBS, and division two following me on social media that hard work is paying off.

A coach you can expect Bryce to give full effort and whatever is necessary for the team to win. No matter what his stats may look like at the end of the game.  Bryce is one of the most humble and unselfish kids I have met out there , even with the level of talent he has, he focuses really hard on his teammates in both sports. A true leader on and off the field , I'd label Bryce a difference maker .My assessment is he is already a D1 potental talent, likely  a FBS Power 5 lock if he continues to master his craft ans skills. But this kid will look first at the schools recruiting him right now. That alone speaks volumes about his character. Loyalty and dedication a coach can count on. 


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