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Sharpshooter Supreme: The Dynamite Distributor

Easton Hupp @eastonhupp_

Instagram- @eastonhupp, 6'5, 190, c/o 25 from Argyle Liberty High School, TX is a fierce downhill punisher off the bounce and finishes strong at the rim. But Easton can certainly bring the rain from deep. Easton is a pure scorer that can shoot the lights out. But a great passer and fuels his team well making everyone better. Easton brings a ton of heart and energy.

This past season Easton averaged 16. 2 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.1 assists This summer playing AAU for Unbreakable UA Rise and has made up his mind to focus on trying to improve his athleticism, become a more leader, and get more offers. This past season What motivates Easton the most is the fact his team wanted very good together pushing Easton to get better and a run at the state next year. Easton's personal goal for the upcoming season is to win District MVP and 1st Team All-State.

Being a competitor and willing to win starts the fire within. Easton handles adversity by breathing and maintaining his game by not playing out of character and reverting to what he works on when he works out.

Easton's work ethic sets him apart along with the mindset to compete with anybody, Easton is coachable and is the total package. Easton considers himself a D1 or D2 but would consider a D3. My assessment is Easton plays with passion and purpose hungry to get wins. He is a player with a very bright. Easton thrives on being the leader out there. He is on the right path.


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