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The Ultimate Versatile Combo: Mr. Efficient

Branson Lott @BransonLott, 6”1,145, c/o 27 from Parkersburg Catholic High School, WV is the engine that made it all work. His hustle and leadership is rock solid. Branser is a very efficient triple threat-scoring option. Branson can play about any position and will get a bucket or an assist when the team needs it, can rebound at a high rate, and is a coachable player.

This past season Branson averaged 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists, In this year The most motivating thing that happened was when Branson almost broke the high school record for 3’s in one game, hit 6 and the record was 8. from downtown. Branson handles adversity very well because he always knows the result will be great so keeps pushing through it. AAU session Branson is averaging 9 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists per game. My favorite highlight/accomplishment was winning their first tournament this year in Columbus. They were down 18 points with 4 minutes left and came back to win the championship. Branson's biggest improvement is his explosiveness and ability to jump higher to get rebounds and finish at the rim. The goals for this upcoming season goals are to get Parkersburg Catholic their first state championship since 2010 and get ranked as the #1 player in the WV class of ‘27.

Branson handles adversity by just focusing on himself and keeping a positive mindset because that’s what’s going to keep him going

 Something that separates Branson from other players is his basketball IQ, the way he sees the floor, and his on-ball defense. Branson sees himself playing at a lower level D1 because he thinks that would be where he would be able to play the most and make a big impact on the program. He would consider any level because his main goal is to play college basketball at any level and get his college paid for. Not many people get to play in college so it would be a blessing to play anywhere.


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