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Two-Way Dynamo: The Ultimate Defensive Scorer

Kyrin Rice @KyrinRicey, 6’1,170, c/o 25 from West Marion High School, MS is a big-time catch-and-shoot guard with a silky smooth quick release. Kyrin is a very fundamental, savvy, and aggressive yet controlled player, wanting to get after it, and just fearless. having strengths such as offensive rebounding poke ball steals attacking the basket and pulling up Kyrin is an outstanding defender and his team is thriving off of his energy on defense which creates many fast breaks from his high-level perimeter defense. This stud is tough and gritty on defense and an undeniable game-changer. The bonus is he puts in the dirty work being a force on the boards even among the trees.

Last season Kyrin averaged 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists per game. AAU season stats for the 2023 summer were 26 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists per game /tournament. Kyrins highlight moment from last AAU season was beating 2 3SSB teams and in both games, he dropped 15 points or more. Kyrin's goals next season are to average 20 a game, help his team win district, and be all-state first-team defense.

What fuels Kyrin's fire the most on the court would be being on the court with his brothers/teammates, it makes him feel like they have his back and he has theirs which makes him pumped and ready to play. When facing adversity on the court or when things don't go his way Kyrin doesn't get down on himself and understands that basketball and life in general will not be perfect and adversity will hit and when adversity hits it's all about how you react to it.

What separates Kyrin from other players is that he plays with high intensity on both ends, offense, and defense, and doesn't take any plays off. He is fearless and loves to compete with the best of the best. Kyrin is willing to do whatever he can to help the team, not worried about his stats or accolades but doing whatever the coach needs him to do, he will do it He can see himself right now being able to play at any division level, however, he is aware it is a process so he has to seek to start at a smaller division or NAIA starting off his college career.


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