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Playing with Fire: Little Something to Prove

Brody Hatfield brodyhatfield23  Instagram-brody_hatfield , 5’10 - 175 , from Big Walnut High School, OH an electric downhill point guard with a high IQ and  able to read defenses and make the right play. Brody's court vision allows him to find open teammates with some dazzling, jaw dropping passes. Crafty and athletic inside the lane. Brody is a strong leader with tight ball handling skills that he uses to get to any spot he chooses on the floor. Brody is a lethal three point sniper with unlimited range. Best of all Brody isn't one dimensional being all offensive mind up is a rock solid defender anywhere on the floor. Don't let his unsized height fool you, Brody is strong and built like a house because of his dual sport , football.His  lateral quickness. allows him to create space from defenders with and without the ball.   Brody truly epitomizes the perfect point guard.

Body's freshman year he averaged 10.9 points while shooting 55% and 2.8 assists per game. This past season Brody averaged 9.7 points while shooting 49% and 7 assists per game on a loaded team. Playing for Midwest for AAU Brody's  goals and focus will be finding ways to score more efficiently and creating shots for teammates but finding ways to score for himself while setting a good pace in play and playing under control. A coach telling Brody he is “too small” or “not big enough” for college basketball and football really motivates him to work harder. People saying he is too small to play high level college no matter how well he performs fuels Brody to go out there every game trying to prove someone or something wrong. And it has taught him well how to handle adversity with a confident swagger .  Now when adversity comes Brody is calm, doesn't react at all and keeps his cool when the game starts to go not our way or to intensify.

What coaches should know is Brody can play wherever you need him and will fit into any team. He can lead the team if needed or follow the leader. Brody will always play hard, dive on the court, pick people up full court , anything the coach asks. Brody can handle the ball and score if the team needs it. Brody is a high division 2 or low D1. His skill set has shown he can play the highest level there is. 8th grade going into freshman year Brody played the highest AAU there is, EYBL. and in highschool he played Gold/3ssb. Also as a freshman averaged almost 11 points against Ohio division 1 competition. As a sophomore almost averaging a double double with 2 other threats on his team to compete with.  Brody is locked and loaded for a breakout summer and sets the stage for a monster upcoming. 

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May 05

What a great article! Brody your hard work and tenacity is paying off! Stay strong Bro and keep the faith!

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