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Tough as Nails

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Jesse Ledbetter @ _JesseL_edbetter , 6'1, 175 c/o 24 of Southmoore High School was explosive when i saw him in OKC. This electric young stud pyt on a high energy shooting cliniic. Any space and its lights out for any defender. A cluct performer always ready to step into the big moment. is what makes him a real problem is he can explode off the bounce and be downhill and with that blow-by speed , its game over as you can count that bucket. Jesse is also a master facilitator and can be a dazzling playmaker. Tough and thrives even physical playstle cant contain this young star, i he welcomes it. Its crazy how good Jesse is at gobbling up boards, as if he has magnets in his hands. Jesse is lockdown , tenacious defender on or off ball as he disrupts the offenseive flow with steals and deflections that lead to turnovers. Jesse was stick of dynamite that exploded right before our eyes. Jesse midset is the bigger and intense the game , the better. The more fikerce the competition Jesse faces the more he turns up his game. No challege to big for him to face.

The biggest improvement in Jesse's game over the summer was becoming more effective without over dribbling. The less bounces the better. Jesse also locked in on taking what the defense gave him and he needed be that thread the needle passer. In the AAU session Jesse averaged 16 points and 2 assists a game while shooting 30% from downtown. Jesse's biggest memory was hitting the gamewinning 3in Dalla at "" The Stage TB5" against the Huston Raptors.

Jesse's goal for the upcoming season is win the district and make it to the state tournment. Jesse will be a huge part of the run this team takes in the season and beyond. A vital key will be how far Jesse can carry them . With his passion and fire to win and compete it will be very fun to watch. Jesse will certainly pick up some nice hardware this final season run , but i promise his goal is not achievements beyond gettint to that state tournament. This stud is hungy to go out guns blazing.

What sets Jesse apart from the pack is his ball handling and change of pace speed. Add that too his athleticism, strength , and ability to be physical and score through contact at a high percentage. Defenders cant knock him off his shot when he is in attack mode getting throughthem. This is exactly what any coach wants to see . This cant be taught but is a huge advantage.

Jesse is a lock for D2 . In my mind i could even see a low major D1 only because he is undersized . But The talent and skill to play D1 is in him. Cant wait to see this upcoming season and what program lands this young star.


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