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The Phoenix Rising

Maci Maynard @maynard_maci55 , Instagram: macimaynard_55 , 6'3, c/o 28 from Martin County High School, KY  is an old school center who plays her best with her on the block with defenders on her back but can knock down a jumper if needed. Also a fierce inside defender and rim protector. 

Last season Maci  played at Belfry in the 7th grade and averaged 4 points and 6 rebounds earning her All-District Team honors. Then moved to a Senior heavy Martin County team and averaged 3 points and 4 rebounds off the bench. According to KHSAA  Maci had 204 points and 304 rebounds before she stepped one foot on the high school floor for a game.  Playing AAU for Kentucky Premier 14u EYBL Nike with a goal to is simple, she is hungry to win that National Championship while making her name known across the country playing against some of the best competition out there to make her game even better. Maci will work hard in the off-season on her outside game, ball handling, shooting , and finishing at the rim through contact. Motivated by the fact they didn't reach their potential to get better and better before entering next season. Fighting through adversity like this or anything that comes Maci's way , she pushes herself to always reflect and learn from her mistakes, understanding the need to brush off the mistake and get herself ready for the next play. Maci's goal going into next season is to prove they are still a threat after losing so many seniors knowing most believe it was only their seniors that carried them and they will be down, but this young squad is determined to prove all the doubters wrong.  This builds up the fire within to play for the name on that shirt with pride and passion. Maci feels she personally aint playing for herself but for her  team , coaches , and her school. Maci also wants to get better and better while inspiring  her teammates to do the same. 

What sets Maci apart is her work ethic , her attitude and her leadership that she uses to push her teammates  and encourage them when they need to be lifted up. Like every player Maci longs to play D1 basketball. If she continues to develop and elevate her game her dream will be at her fingertips..But grounded enough that if D1 isn't there , the blessing to play anywhere on the next level has to be the overall goal. Keep a close eye on this young budding star. 


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