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The Crafty Triple Threat: IQ and Dimes

Auric Booker @AuricBooker , Instagram: @AuricBooker , 5'11 , 152 , c/o 27 from Riverside High School,WV is a savvy sniper. Auric isn't the flashiest kid in the gym but he is crafty with a nasty change of pace speed that helps him get to his spots and make  clutch shots even in tight widows . . Beautiful touch from outside as a spot up shooter. . A strong triple threat scoring option with a variety of shots in his arsenal including a soft floater. .But Auric can effectively attack the rim.  Aurie has a high IQ and runs his team well and can deliver some sweet passes. Auric mixes it up on the boards and plays solid defense.Auric has strong defensive awareness giving the ability to play great help defense. A solid leader , loud and motivating.  

Last season Auric averaged 9.7 points, 5.5 rebounds, 7.2 assists, and 1.2 steals. Heading into this summer's AAu session playing for the WV Kings 2027 Auric's goals are to win every tournament and reach the National Championship in Myrtle Beach and bring that title home putting his team on the map. Auric's secondary goal is to win every big shots circuit tournament and make this team an east coast legendary squad. Auric will focus on improving his man to man defense this AAU session. while being a 94ft defender that never gets beat down the floor.. Offensively Auric want to work on his movement without the ball, to be able to make faster cutts,, and elevate his blowby speed.  Auric's goals for this upcoming season are too play a lot more on the varsity floor and to be the hardest worker in the gym and classroom at all times, Auric  wants to  be able to get into the game and get shots , drawing contact to get to the free throw line while  playing  really good help defense so our team can get to the civic center and win a state championship. 

What motivated Auric the most last season was something that always makes him push himself more is when he  thinks about how he  didn’t get on the floor enough as he should have on varsity. Especially when I know how hard I worked in the off-season just to see me not seeing the floor enough as I should have last season.What fuels you the most on the court - when people are in my ear and talking trash to me that really fires me up and makes me when win the game even more than it does especially knowing the person in front of me doesn’t work no where near as hard as me.When facing  adversity  Auric thinks   he handles  adversity really good on the court and when things don’t go his way he  just keeps on  playing. And in pressure moments he  is a very good player and good at hitting big shots. 

 What a coach can  expect from Auric that separates him is his workI His drive to always try to get better on and off the court whether in class, he  focused on what he needs  to do, and when he is  in the gym working he is always locked in on what I he need to get done and what he  need to do. His  nutrition is really good too and I think that separates him a lot from other players on the floor, especially when they’re tired. I have the ability to keep going and pushing myself.  Auric' sees  himself playing at a D1 school which has  always been his goal,  With him  being a vocal leader on the floor and being able to hit his shots while  play hard defense and rebound, I see myself at a high lever power 5 school.Get Auric on your radars now as his will be a fun show to watch. 


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