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Softball Sensation: Pursuit to Rewrite History

Izabella : The Beast " Adams @IzabellaAdams9, c/o 26 from Lexington, SC is on a mission to be the best to ever play this game.Her work ethic and commitment is what has driven herfor a major part of her life, not just a siodeline hobbie. Izabella believes a true champion must LIVE it 24/7-365. With a fire and passion to win defines her purpose as OWERSHIP.-own yopur workout,on your pracrice and own your game schedule and becoming the most dominant one in each of them. Own your commitment and your work ethic, never letting anyone out work you ar any point .Own your relationships and be kind to everyone making the most positive impact as you possible can . Own your connections to coaches and teamamtes being the most trust one to deliver by them all. Own your uniforms even and keep them clean and organized at all times. And most importantly "Own your future" Let no one deicate what your life can and will be.. In other words own it all , YOURSELF! Izabella brings her capibilities, confidence, good attitude, preparedness, and stamina. Very poised and cool under pressure. Izabellas mindset is nothing is more important than hitting...a good team must have players that can score.zabellas biggest improvement is her deadly knuckleball, Competitive edge: 13 pitches per inning, consistant , endurence, an composure and competive fire within thrives on being Extrodinary when all that is required is ordinary. Izabella's goal is to become the top 10 in Softball in America. Izabella is hungry and deterimed that will happen.And the long term goal is to recignized as an ambassordor worlwide for fast pitch.

I have been watching Izabella's pursuit to be the best for ahile and constant improvement is a testiment to that dedication and and hard work. The most disaplined softball palyer i have seen todate. I beleive she will easily achive her goals .


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