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Sharpshooter Savant: The Artistry of Percision and Vision

Nico Lenzi

 twitter is nicolenzi11 , instagram is Nico.lenzi1. I6”2, 140 , class of 2026. from Crystal Lake Central ,IL a dynamic three point sniper. with a high IQ and great court vision always looking for the extra pass despite his shooting ability. He has a quick trigger which makes it difficult to defend. You dare not foul Nico as he is a 85-90% FT shooter. But though he is a deadly shooter , he takes great pride in that one more pass to get the defense off balance.

 Nico averaged 12 to 15 points and 3-5 assists a game this past season..Going into this AAU session playing for Lincoln basketball elite Nico has set the goals to strive to do all the things he lacked during his high school season such as getting to the free throw line more. In this AAU session Nico is playing for coaches who are going to push him to not be one dimensional and have multiple aspects to his game other then shooting. This will be what he works on the hardest this off season.  What fuels Nico's fire the most is stepping on the court with confidence and knowing his teammates have the chemistry to play as 5 . When handling adversity when things do not go his way he channels that anger and frustration into his game and in the right way. Nico's number one goal going into my next season Is having the best mentality and becoming a leader on and off the court, understanding having a good mentality off the court is just as important as on.

One thing a coach can expect is Nico's ability to get his teammates involved and play 5 on 5 vs 5 on 1 , something the coaches always stress. The division I could see myself in is d3 or at a juco level because he has to gain more strength. He may not be the strongest out there right now , but that’s something he is working at and will accomplish.  My assessment is that because of that shooting ability and high IQ , Nico will be a D2 lock and depending on whether he can add size and strength could be an even higher ceiling.. Nico possesses some intangibles you simply can't teach . And with adding defensive swagger in the mix , the kid could be special yall. Keep a real close eye on this gem as he continues to develop.


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