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Triple Threat Titan: Beast on Both Ends

Brodey Reisinger  @BrodeyReisinger , 6’3 ,180lbs,  c/o 2027 from Indian Lake High school ,OH is an explosive young stud that brings passion and energy that fuels his whole team. Brodey is fearless and is always in attack mode on both ends of the court. A physical presence that almost invites contact to get the shots he wants as a guard for heaven's sake. A great guard that can handle the ball really well, very good defender,and can flatout shoot that rock on all three levels. Brodey prides himself on being a great versatile player who can finish through tough contact at a high level. Clutch and calm under pressure while remaining a team player. Brodey plays at his own pace.

 During Brodey's Freshman year playing on the varsity team coming off the bench as the 6th man he averaged 10 points per game and 6 rebounds earning 6th Man of the Year for his team while being the third leading scorer and second leading rebounder.Last year aau stats were 24 points per game playing for all Ohio and 9 rebounds per game. Brodey's biggest improvement was getting better ball handling skills and going off two feet in the paint more. Brodey's  goals for the next high school season are to win another conference championship , go even farther in the state tournament, and get better individually and as a team.

What separates Brodey from other players is his motor never stops , his work ethic , athletic abilities, and mindset . I watch him relentlessly defend the other team's best player in lockdown fashion while being almost unstoppably offensively in his own right. Brody was fierce , crafty ,and an imposing force that overwhelmed every defender they put on him . Displaying nice court vision, delivering some sweet passes and gobbled up boards like candy turn a lot of those into fastbreak transition plays for his team. This is the fire he brings. It is a fun show to watch. Brodey himself playing at division 1 because of how he excels at the game and believes he will continue to get better and better with the mindset he can handle whatever comes my way. However he would consider playing in a lower division. My assessment is this gem is a blossoming phenom that's going to be a high D1 prospect in the end if he continues to develop the skills I saw out there. You cant teach that kind of drive and competitive edge and for Brody it was natural and free flowing. If yall aint seen this young star perform, now is that time . Stay tunned.

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Apr 27

Brodey is a dawg anyone who overlooks him is flat out stupid. Dude is a relentless worker.

, Kellen

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