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Speed Demon : Explosive and Crafty Shooting Extraordinaire

Caleb Harris @calebharris_2, 6’2, 175, C/O 2025 from Bolingbrook High School, IL is a dynamic athlete with a fierce triple threat scoring swagger and explosive off the bounce with blowby speed. Add the crafty athleticism in the mix and Caleb is more than a handful. Caleb is just developing his midrange shot and with the defense trying to figure out what Caleb will do next, he flexes his shiftiness to get to his spots. Caleb is also a strong finisher around the rim. Caleb has a nice range from the three-point line. and his greatest strengths are his ball handling and his jumper. These are a huge part of Caleb's ability to attack the lane and finish strong while punishing the defense with his crafty athletic ability, even through contact.

The most motivational thing that happened to Caleb last season was coming in as an underdog transferring into Bolingbrook 2 weeks before the season tryouts and underperforming not showing me real and barely getting playing time. But going into his senior year Caleb has developed the dog mentality. Caleb is playing AAU this session with Clippers Nation Elite Red and his goal for this AAU is to develop his skill level going into next year. while learning how to be a better team player. Caleb's goals for goals are to develop my game and work on all his bad assets on his game and maintain my grades.

On the court what fuels Caleb's fire is seeing his parents in the stands knowing they are what he has done this for, pushing himself hard to succeed and excel because he wants to return everything they gave him and make them smile for once. When things don’t go his way, Caleb finds a way to get his teammates involved, making sure he is not to ruin their game when things don’t go his way. Most importantly understand he has to keep a positive attitude out there at all times.

Something that separates Caleb from others is his communication on the court with others, his work ethic that is unmatched, his leadership, and his positive attitude on and off the court. Caleb sees himself at a D2 level right now but with work, time, and prayer Caleb believes he could get to the D1 level. We will be keeping a close eye on Caleb this summer and upcoming season to see just how much he develops and watch just how high he can fly.


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