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Downhill Dyanmo: Scoring, Passing with a Defensive Swagger

-Deeon Brumby , IG:deeon.brumby2027, twitter:Deeon2027 , : 6’1 , 155 , C/O : 2027 from Racine Lutheran high School ,, WI is an electic ownhill player who is always looking for a way to get a bucket attacking the lane. Deeon is shifty and with an explosive first step off the bouce flows in his strength of finding ways to score and finishing at the rim. Knifing his way into the seams with crafty moves and a huge bag of tricks, Deeon works magic and will always welcome any pressure that’s up against him. Not only for himself but Deeon can deliever some sweet dimes even in heavy traffic. If the defense adjusts to him getting into his grove , Deeon just finds an open teammate ready to dish out punishment of their own. Deeon uses that same scrappy atitude to impact the rebounding game as well. Best thing about Deeon is sneaky defensive swagger. H/e ready and jumps the passing lanes consistantly. With great footwork its tough to get around or away from eeon once he locks in.

In Deeon's first high school season playing on the varrsity team he had 66 points , 44 rebounds ,19 Assists , and 12 steals. The most motivating thing about last season was when his team had been struggling a few games and went over the mistake and then next game, they fixed the mistakes and were able to get the win. This off-season Deeon will focus on working out the whole spring/summer and being ready to have a movie sophomore year. Deeon's goal for the next season is to average more points and better stats than his freshman year while improving in the areas he had problems with his freshman year of varsity .

Coaches should know what seperates Deeon me from others energy and hustle he is gonna bring, always giving 100% on any play and I will never give them attitude on a mistake that he makes . Deeon sees himself either playing D2 or D3 but believes anybody is capable of putting in the work to play D1 Basketball.


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