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The Midrange Maestro with Defensive Dominance

Jeybrehm Price, twitter is


, instagram is @jeybrehm. 6’3, 180, class of 2027 from Maumee Valley Country Day School in Toledo, Ohio. is an explosive player with the nastiest handles ever. Jeybrehm uses that weapon to freeze defenders as he blows right by. Offensively, IJeybrehm is good at getting to rim or just performing simple moves off ball movements and moves to get himself open or to get into his wicked mid-range pull-up which currently is biggest strength to where he can get to the basket , stop on a dime and pull up, or dish the ball out to a shooter. A matchup nightmare and the best part is his game is still developing and getting more concrete for what IJeybrehm is working towards and wanting to be at by the end of high-school a versatile punisher who can't be contained. Defensively Jeybrehm is a leader and a very good communicator, orchestrating everywhere where everyone needs to be. A vocal leader ,a good on ball defender and interior defender with a good frame for his age. His wingspan allows him to get a ton of steals and deflections in passing lanes.

Jeybrehm did not play majority of his Freshman season due to a Patella Tendon Injury in December of 2023 which had him out for majority of the first half of the season, and he was ineligible to play the second half of the season due to transferring mid year from Saint John’s Jesuit to Maumee Valley Country Day in January 2024. Playing for Midwest Basketball Club 3SGB Cincy his AAU goals for the 2024 spring/ summer is to get in contact with coaches and scouts to evaluate his game, and to gain recognition nationally about his game. His biggest focus this offseason will be to improve his weaknesses to develop a more consistent 3 point jumpshot, gain more athleticism, and better decision making in game.The most motivating thing that happened to Jeybrehm last basketball season that will push him forward is being doubted on. Hewas very under the radar and not a main priority in rankings/playing time to coaches due to recognition. His work ethic was often looked over even though he was always the last guy in the gym staying over and getting better. Jeybrehm has already played his first 3 AAU games at @MadeHoops Midwest Mania and went 1-2 on the weekend and gained a write up by Coach Luke Harrington and Prep U Hoops where he averaged 15ppg, 3rbpg, 3apg, and 3spg in the 3 games being played. Jeybrehm feels he still has a lot more work to do with this AAU season and summer basketball and with his highschool team and it’s going to be a big year for himself. The goals for next season are to win Player of the Year in the TAAC or the region and to win a state championship.

What fuels Jeybrehm on the court is to be on a winning team and making winning plays, simply, he doesn't like losing and will play as hard as he can until the final buzzer. Jeybrehm absolutely loves causing disruptions on defense which fuels his energy in a game. Making a key shot in the beginning of the game also sets his tone for the rest of the game. He handles adversity in the game by relaxing and just puts my mind towards a killing mentality.,believing he is the best on the court at all times and that nobody puts in more work than him which really sets his mind apart from others to handle what’s not going in his favor.   

Coaches can always expect Jeybrehm to play as hard as he can and to motivate others and be a leader for the team. He thrives at setting his teammates up with passes or making it easy for them to score from his hard work. Not to mention work ethic sets me apart from his peers cause he is constantly in the gym working on his craft, in the weightroom working on his body, and just always being around and thinking about basketball. Jeybrehm sees himself going High to Mid-Major division 1 which is his ultimately highest goal for himself towards college, but Iis 100% okay with wherever God ends his journey up at or where he pushes himself to get to. Again, I am only a freshman in highschool so I have a lot of time to develop and work on my game. My assessment is Jeybrehm will certainly reach every single goal he has set for his next level dream. This stud is hungry and has already proven he is ready for a breakout summer. Yall better get on this train right now cause it's only going to pick up more steam moving forward. This dazzling young star is special .


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