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International Spotlight

Lucas Huxtable @Lucashixtable30, 6'0ft, 175, c/o 24 from Prince Alfred College ( Adelaide Australia ) is a masterful three-point sniper. Lucas probe the defense finding and looking for a "great" shot by himself or for his teammates. Treehouse blowby speed kills defenders. With a very high offensive IQ Lucas sees plays before they happen making the right reads for his teammates. Outthinking the defense is his strategy every time. Understanding the value of communication pm both ends of the floor Lucas is an amazing floor general. This savvy gem invites the challenge of any defensive matchup. With grit and toughness, Lucas goes after every loose ball to make them his. Prsky style defense. Fierce and scrappy. Lucas is going to mix it up against the best player with a passion for winning.

In the AAU session Lucas averaged 31. 4points per game including 27 points per game in 43% shooting from three lands in the sectional easter carnival. The biggest improvement has been his shooting ability. With a confident swagger knows he can score at a very high rate scoring from anywhere on the floor. Last season 30.7 points a game. The goal for the upcoming season is to continue getting better while staying healthy and getting stronger. While improving in every aspect of his game to open the door to play college basketball next year.

What separates Lucas from the pack that coaches should know is that his intense work ethic starts early in the morning and continues into late,- night. It is unique and consistent, with no days off. His high motor fuels his game and the tram as he works hard end to end. Willing to fight through fatigue and pain. Hungry to win. Combine that with his increased shooting ability you get something special here.

Lucas can play at mid-level D1 and thrive there because of the skillset he possesses and IQ to adjust to any system. With his work ethic, there is a tremendously high ceiling. Coachable and just downright hungry and driven to excel at any level.

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Lucas Huxtable
Lucas Huxtable
Oct 22, 2023

Appreciate it coach 🙌💯

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