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International Spotlight

French Biltcliffe @Frenchbiltclif3 , 6'4 ' 180, c/o 24 of School Buschue Academy Lions is a dynimic athlete that can check many boxes. He is a strong triple threat scoring option and high percentage. Whether French is shooting the long range bomb or attacking off the bounce French is fierce and hard to contain. He can put on a scoring clinic in a flash. French is a three point sniper with unlimited range. But is a master at finding the gaps and seams to get high quiality shots for himself or as true leader he dishes that rock v ery well too. Extremely high IQ. French reads the floor extremely well and loves to pick the defnse apart whether for his own shot or for others. But know is is a nasty defender as well. Your not getting easy baskets anywhere near him . He can pick a pocket and be on the break in a blink. He contests and blocks shots well with his size as an advantage with his leaping ability. French mixes it up on the boards well too. Like i said he checks every box. French's biggest improvent has been his defense, now i have to call it swagger as it was always good but now , its special.

Last season French averaged 21.7 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists while shooting a blistering 40% from downtown. The numbers dont lie . This gem is the truth.Now in the states French has a set his goal to excel against american players as he proves he can play at a high level even with the pace of the game here. Already amke the top squad at Busche , that alone proves not only that he can compete . but thriive. Thsi season will be one to watch French elevate is game even more and punish every defender theyput before him while being a lockdown defender on this stage as well.

Coaches need to know French's three point ability and his ability to read the defense and get into those gaps and seams is on a pro level right now. But French is hungry and determiknded to keep improving with a vision of playing at a high level school takes twice the work for international kids. French is up for the challlenge and has one of the toughest workethic we will find on american soil. This star is driven and plays with intense passion.

French isnt locked into any divion level though he is a lock for any high level D2. Could even be a perfect fit for mid-major D1 with his size, speed and skillset. Stay tuned America this kid is here on a mission and wont be taking any prisioners. I personally will be updating often this kids journey and progress.


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