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Who Let the DOGGS OUT!!

It was a privilege to catch a few minutes of the Vision Elite 26 squad at the @VEAHoops Cam Jackson Showcase last weekend as they raced their way to the Championship. They were a dominating force that overwhelmed the entire field and went 4-0 . This loaded team are what we call" DOGS " that just punish defenders with a versatile inside or outside game while being one of the most aggressive and tenacious defenses I saw over there. Led by @NDawsson0, 6'2, 170 who is super athletic and can score at will. Lethal from three and explosive off the bounce where that athletic ability is at its best. Nate averaged 17.5 points a game with a game high of 22 points adding 4 assists. Up next was @jarettsimpson, 6'7 , 195 that used his size and strength to dominate the paint and ran the floor well for some flash dunks . A fierce rebounder and finisher in that paint. In the championship game Jarett was clutch and delivered exactly what was needed to get that tight win in a 87-81 war. Finished with 14 points and 7 rebounds. And then there is @Real_CP1 , Carter Parsons the explosive little combo that can do it all out there . Explosive off the bounce with blowby speed , but tough and gritty getting into the seams to create for himself  or his teammates with great court vision and high IQ. But he is a shooter y'all that can light  you up from deep or on crafty finishes around that rim. Their reputation was known by everyone in the gym and I couldn't get there fast enough to see what all the hype was about . And this squad didn't disappoint.  Yall better keep a close eye on this group all summer as they will make a lot of noise.


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