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Where the Fire Burns Bright: Scrappy and Fierce

Brody McGuire

Twitter: Brodymcguire26

Instagram: Brody_miles_30

5’11” 170lbs.

Class of 2026

David Crockett High School Jonesborough TN


McGuire is a high energy athlete who thrives on turning defense into offense, with his scrappy play.  He has great anticipation, quick hands, and should be arrested for how much he steals!  He fuels the fast break for himself or for his teammates. He is a triple threat scoring machine who puts on a clinic for the fans. He is fearless, attacks the lane and finishes strong even through contact. He absolutely obliterates the defense with a long range barrage, and a very smooth touch.


This kid is beyond competitive. In his own words, he is a “winner.” He absolutely loves to win, and he is willing to roll up his sleeves and get down and dirty in an effort to get that dub. He is a super aggressive, ridiculously quick guard with a high game iq.  His greatest strengths are his ball handling, his passing, and his shot making ability.


This past season Brody averaged 10 points, 4.5 assists, 2.4 steals, and 2 rebounds per game. Last season, his team lost in the first round of the state tournament and that left a very bad taste in his mouth. He and his teammates have been working very hard since that loss to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.  His personal goals headed into next season are to make the All Conference team or better, make first team all North East TN, make all Region, All District, and win state. He is striving to lead East TN in assists per game, and take it even further to try lead the entire state of Tennessee.


His goals for his AAU team, the Tennessee Impact, include shooting .750 or better on the year, average 6 assists per game, and win the Adidas 3SSB.   He has worked incredibly hard to get in even better shape, watching what he eats, drinking only water, and going to the gym every morning.  People tend to overlook McGuire and that only makes him play with a chip on his shoulder.  He lets his play do his talking for him. This kid simply can’t be rattled.  He always remains calm under pressure.   


When asked what a coach can expect from Brody, he said “Someone who expects to win, plays solid defense, takes smart shots, and will always put in the same effort in the classroom, as I do in practice.” He feels right now, he is a Division 2 prospect, but he feels his game iq and ball handling skills will allow him to be successful at the D1 level.   

My assessment is he can absolutely play at the D1 level, by the end of his senior year, if he continues his development and commitment to excel. His intense passion, pursuit,  extreme dedication and just being a fierce competitor, makes him different. Watching this scrappy leader put on a clinic, and playing the game the right way, convinces me he totally gets it.  I can’t wait to watch him play this season. Don't sleep on this kid!   

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Jul 02

Brody McGuire is A wonderful young man and an Excellent ball player!! ANY team would be greatly blessed to have Brody on their side!!

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