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Walking Buckets

Tyler Jones @tylerjones16, 6'2 , 155 , c/o 26 from Spring Mills High School is an nice combo guard that can catch fire in flash. Id say Tyler is thriple threat scoring machine. Defenders arent safe when Tyler has the ball anywhere on the court as he can flat out shoot that rock. Pick your poision as a defender. But Tyler is more than just a scorer as he is a very nice passer and reads the defense very well hitting open teammates with dazzling passes. Always looking to make teammates better and get the easiest shot. With the drive and passion to win Tyler is a solid leader out there and will find multiple ways to impact the game. Defensively rock solid as well and pushes himself to be a lock down defender not just an offensive threat.

Tyler averaged 18.6 points , 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per game and was incredible during the Under Armour run to the finals in Atlanta. His favorite accomplishment was scoring 17 points against the Atlanta Expressions in that venue. Tyler is simply a fierce competetior that enjoys the battle and the big stage. Prime time performer. Tylers biggest improvement has been his defense. And he is driven to keep elvating that defense to lock down elite guards , no matter who they are or where they are from. This gem is hungry yall to be the best by beating the best.

Last season Tyler averaged 13 points , 3 rebounds and 5 assists at St. Maria Goretti. This years goals are to be 1st team all state while leading the state in scoring en route to winning the schools first ever state championship.If yall been tracking fall leauge he is off and running and setting the stage for a monster season.

What seperates Tyler from the rest is his leadership and work ethic in the gym to never be outworked. Passion to keep getting better asnd better through that hard work with a purpose to make it to no less than mid-major D-1 but pushing himself rentlessly with dreams power 5. Add that too his eleite shooting and this star is pursuing greatness. I wouldnt want to the one trying to get between him and his vision . Tyler aint taking no prisioners. Keep a close eye on this one to see just how high he flies .


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