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Voting for Player of the Week ( Thur 1/20/24)

Updated: Jan 26

Voting for Player of the Week

  • Landen Briley

  • Jahlil Hope

  • Davis Fogle

  • Hunter Beenken

Landen Briley @landon_briley , 6'3 , c/o 25 from West Valley High School, WA is yet another dynamic stud that is a walking bucket. Smooth touch from three land. Explosive off the bounce and a crafty finisher. Double team no matter this young star powers right through to get his shot off or create for others and Landon can deliver some jaw dropping dimes. His first step is a killer. Landen finished with 58pts, 15reb and 9 ast in two games this week. On the hills of 44pt explosion right before. Man on fire y'all..

Jahlil Hope @JahlilHope , 6'3 , 185, c/o 24 Summerville High School, SC was in beast mode in his last game absolutely dominated the paint and imposed his will on everyone between him and that rim. Gobbling up boards and just bully balling his way for high percentage shots. He did flash his long range shooting touch and his relentless defensive swagger too. Finished with 30pts and 21reb., 3stl and 2 blks.

Davis Fogle @davisfogle4 , 6'6 c/o 25 from Anacortes High School, WA is an electrifying student that just went off this last game. He is an incredible offensive punisher with unlimited range, nasty handles and makes rim rocking finishes that are just ruthless. This star can kill a defender anywhere on the court and just elevates right over most defenders . Fearless . Davis finished with 48pts and 16reb in 3 quarts of work. Follow a 43 point game prior. Special!!

Hunter Beenken , 6'3 , 180 , c/o 25 from Horizon Christian Academy, GA the ultimate blue collar stud and this teams heart. He consistently leads them across the stat column impacting every area of the game. Mr. Double-double. And not only is he a consistent scorer and rebounder he brings a scrappy defensive swagger. He is strong and fierce on both ends. His athletism shines bright. Hunter finished with 37pts, 25reb , 4ast, 6stls and 2blk in two wins this week.

Camden Edmonds @EdmondsCamden , 6'6, c/o 24 from West Stokes High School, NC put on a clinic against the #1 team is the state and though it's a little late Camden deserved this opportunity. He has had multiple incredible games this season as he has elevated his game and is having a monster season. Check his page , you will be throughly impressed as Camden is a legit game changer. This 47pts dazzling display of his talent.

Deion Edward's @DeionEdwards24 , c/o 25 from Spring Valley High School, Indiana was absolutely amazing his last two games. Breaking Larry Bird's record is massive and puts this young star in an elite status. He was a lethal triple threat scoring option but did so much more. In the game he broke this record he added 14teb, 4ast and 3stls. He added another 23 points yesterday.

Kobe Freeman @TheKobeFreeman , 5'11 , 130 , c/o 25 from Purcell High School, OK had an incredible week. Including a 50pt explosion. Kobe is a walking bucket and a lethal triple threat scoring machine. He was smokin hot thus we3k and dominated every defender and defense they threw at him. He is crafty and explosive with a beautiful touch. Kobe finished with 128pts, 17reb, 5ast and 5stls.

Sugar Eaton @sugar_eaton , 6'3 , 187, c/o 25 from New Hope Leadership Academy,SC Had himself a offensive explosion and gives us a new definition to man in fire. His last two games have been outstanding. Established himself as a lethal triple threat scoring machine. . But he wasn't one demitional but let his mark all over these games and breaking the school scoring record along the way with 55pts. The last two games Sugar had 83pts, 17reb, 9ast, 2stl and 3blk.

Docker Tedischi @docker_tedeschi ,6'8 , 175, c/o 25 from Benton Consolidated High School,IL simply blew up this week and put on a clinic. He was smokin' hot from downtown netting 9 threes in one game. And put on a defensive clinic throwing himself a block party. Mixed it up very effectively on the boards too. Docker finished with 50pts; 14blks, 21rebs, 2srls and 3ast.

Zundra' Jackson @JacksonZundra , 6'1 , c/o 24 from Chattanooga Christian School, TN had himself an incredible game against state powerhouse McCallie and locked up with Parker Robinson, one of the best guards in the state and excelled at very high level. Zundra' finished with 38pts, 5ast, 2reb, and 3stl.


Dalton Scantleburg @Dalton_Scant, 6'9 ,c/o 25 from Lane Tech High School,IL is a classic old school punisher. With high percentage shooting and physical post play Dalton makes the statement that he owns the paint and ain't excep8ng any guest. With ruthless power he put on show. Great footwork and fiercer finishes this stud worked. Dalton finished with 42pts ,38reb and 5blks.

Seven Rameriz @steveman2025 ,6'5, 185, c/o 25 from Keller High School is here yet again as his consistent high level performance continues. This stud has one of the smoothest long range touch in the business. But can attack off the bounce or get out in transition for fierce finishes. Always gobblingup boards and that defense is special. Can delive4 some sweet dimes too. Steven is the total pagage and uses his size well to impact every game. To big for guards and to fast for bigs. Steven finished with45pts, 2reb, 8ast and 6stl in two games this week.

Ashton Remney @ashromney_26 , 6'5 , c/o 24 , Walden Grove High School, AR is here yet another week as he continues to have a breakout season. Putting on a high fly scoring clinic. Fierce break away dunks. But shining as a triple threat scoring option. Owning the boards and playing incredible defense. In two games this week Ashton finished with 41pts, 17reb, 8ast, 8stl, and 8blks.

Nikko Tsuki Smith 5’8 C/O 2027.

Nikko is a small guard who excels at handling the ball and uses his dribble and speed to get to the rim consistently finishing with contact against bigger players. He is also a major threat from outside shooting the ball at above 40% from 3. Nikko Is ranked within the top 10 in his class in British Columbia Canada. He is currently averaging 37.5 points per game which is the most ppg for any player in the province and he is the 2nd all time leader for points per game in his province. Nikko also holds the record for most points in a game in his schools history with 50 points!

Tanner Rizan 6’3 PG/SG C/O24 out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last week his team competed in the Space City Jam in Houston and came out 18U Silver Champions. Tanner Averaged 34ppg in all 4 games and scored 47 points in the Championship Game going 9/16 behind the arc.

Max Preps Stats: #3 in Scoring in Louisiana, #1 in FGM in Louisiana, #1 in 3PM in Louisiana, #3 in Steals in Louisiana

#1 in FGM in the Nation, #3 in 3PM in the Nation and #115 in Scoring with 26.7 pts a game

Gabe Davenport @2025GabeD , 6'1 from Columbia Academy,TN was electric this week hitting his stride yall. He is known fir his crafty finishes and scrappy defense. This week he flexed his long range magic going 5/6 from deep in one game. In two games Gabe finished with 42pts, 3 ast, and 4 stls.

 Xavier Shegog Mount Vernon Sandy Springs GA double/double every game since Xmas

Gray Turek; C; 6'6"

2024 - Riverdale HS. Murfreesboro, TN

GPA 3.7 & DECA Team President

After experiencing an in-game concussion, taking a charge, on December 22nd..during the Riverdale Addias Shootout....Gray made is return felt on January 13th against Lead Academy.

Saturday Night Performance

20 Points/ 12 Rebounds/ 2 Blocks

His game is hitting on all cylinders at mid-season.

8.1 RPG

3.0 BPG

1.0 Charge Per game

6.0 PPG

His GRIT, Leadership, and Coachability has truly helped to complement his overall game and defensive dominance on a consistent basis.

Dylan DeLeon @deleon_dylan , 5'10 c/o 24 from St. Anthony High School, TX was on fire this week. Killing defenders on the quick pull ups or 3xplosive moves off the bounce. But he didn't just score but but played great defense while dropping some dazzling dimes and putting 8n work on the boards. Don't let the size fool you, Dylan can deliver. In three games Dylan finished with 91pts,15ast, 9reb, and 10stls.

Uriah Boutte @ubhoops10 ,6'3 , c/o 24 from Christian Academy, TX is an explosive athlete who is a fierce triple threat scoring option. Crafty and creative moves to create his own shots. He mixes it up well on the boards, dropping a few dimes and an solid defender. In two games Uriah finished with 67pts, 15reb, 6stls ,1blk and 6ast.

Ryan Cole @ RyanCole_34 , 6'5, 180 ,c/o 24 from James Monroe High School just had himself a monster run . This versatile wing can destroy a defense in multiple ways. Ryan is a catch and shot three point sniper. Abt spade and it's lights out. But with his size he can so damage in the seams on on the boards nearly averaging a double-double. He finished with 29pts and 8reb his last game and a two game average this week 24.5 pts and 9.5 eb. Solid defenders too.

Evan Holcombe @EvanHolcombe91 ,6'3, 187, c/o 25 , Horizon Christian School, GA had himself a showcase performance with strong numbers to validate how hard he works every night. He torched the nets fron deep shooting around 50% from out there. His energy and hustle are evident every game . In the two wins this week Evan finished with 42pts, 16reb, 4 ast and 4 blks.

JJ Frakes @22Frakes , 6'4 , c/o 25 from Berrien Springs High School,MI was up t9 his bag of trick yet again in a dazzling display of his versatility. His high fly high act always fun to watch. A mix of strength, skill , speed and athletism can be flat out jaw dropping. This week JJ went fir 51pts, 13reb, 6stls and 5ast.

Jonathan Swanson @JSwanPatriots13 , 6'1, c/o 24, from the Chattanooga Patriots,TN , AKA "Mr. Fundamental " on his senior night put on a special performance for us all to remember. He has been huge for this program and this is going out on style. He was impressive with a nice double double. Played great defense as usual. Finished with 30pts, 10reb, 3ast and 5stls.

Trevor Short @trevorshort24 , 6'3 , 205 , c/o 24 from Brandeis High School, TX it tearingup TX in his second sport. He was in beast mode and leading his team well. Flashing his versatile skill set and scoring ability. He finished with 43pts, 19reb, 1ats, 1stl.

Landon McGuire @4LandonMcGuire , 6ft, c/o 25 from Adam's County Christian School,LA put on a rainstorm in his last game . Call the fire department cause Landon was on fire netting 10 threes call. Finished with 42pts. He added 5reb, 6ast and played outstanding defense with 4stls. He led his team well improving their record to 17-1 on the season and 5-0 in their district.

Oliver Wilson @OliverWilson23_ , 6'9 , 225, c/o 25 from Crestwood Prep,Ontario is a classic old school big that thrives in dominating the post utilizing his size as his greatest strength. Blue collar workhorse getting it done this week. Oliver finished with 27pts and 21reb in his only game this week.

Chave Troncale @ctroncale2 , 6'3 , 180 , c/o 25 from Lake Worth Christian High School,FL is a strong triple threat scoring option but love to bring the rain from deep. Electric off the bounce getting into the seams fir nice mid-range shots. But a fierce finisher even through contact. Mixes it up on the boards well. Finished with 61pts, 17reb, 7ast , and 4 stls in three games.

Slade Granthom @sladegranthom2 , 6'1, c/o 24 from Zion Chapel High School had himself an offensive explosion. This stud was hitting shots from everywhere at will. No defense could contain him as he played with drove and purpose. He broke into the 1000 point club as well. Slade fin8shed with 40pts.

Carter Carbonell @CarterCarbonell , 62, 170, c/o 24 from Link prep Academy, OK is lethal long range sniper. He certainly brought the rain in his last game. They had no answer for him. Carter finished with 27pts,3reb and 4ast.

Brennen Waller @BrinnenWaller3, 6ft, c/o 25, from Bells High School, TX put out an outside rainstorm. He was scorching hot 8(3s) tonight. Lethal. But dropped some nice dimes and played great defense. Brennen finished with 48pts,6ast, and 4 stls in two games.

Jacob Campbell @JacobCampbell05 , 6'3 , 190 , c/o 24 from Howe High School, TX was an electrifying scoring machine tonight. He dominated the defense with blowby speed and crafty shooting. Bringing the rain from deep. Went to work on the boards and dropped a few dimes. Finished with 36pts, 6reb and 4 ast.

Bo Beehler @BoBeehler0 , 5'10 , c/o 24 had a solid week where he was on fire shooting 50% from downtown. He is a effective off the bounce getting to the rim too. He mixes it up on the boards and dropping dimes and a strong defender. Bo finished with 44pts, 8reb and 7ast.

Josh Goodall @Josh_Goodall , 6'7 , c/o 24 from Canyon County High School, CA has a breakout statement week. On a busy week Josh brought his A game and put on a great show all week. He came to make a statement and he did just that. He was smokin hot from deep but was Electric getting to rim if he got a step and used is size to dominate out there. Josh finished the busy week with 130pts, 25reb, 1ast, 1stl and 1blk in the 6 game run.

Jaden Goodall @jaden_goodell , 6'7 c/o 24 fr9m Canyon County High School, CA flexed his double-double muscle in a week cut short by injury. He was a game changer in a couple games establishing why he is the #1 player in CA. Jaden is a match-up nightmare as his whole game is hie to attack and punish the defense even with a guarantee of a double or even a triple team. He is the juice on this team and everyone knows he is coming. Stopping him is the problem. In two games Jaden went for 37pts, 22reb and 5ast.


He is well beyond some of these players. Not throwing any one under the bus but line them up one on one and see who takes it! He will. I know he will. He is going to just shoot you out the gym! ONE ON ONE!! Ima taking Cameron Singleton I have seen what he can do


Where is Cameron Singleton at on the vote player of the week??? That. Sucks!

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