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Voting for Player of the Week

Voting for Player of the Week

  • AJ Morman

  • Hunter Fitch

  • Connor Amundson

  • Noah Payne

AJ Morman @AMorman_5 , 5'10 , c/o 24 from Sacred Heart of Jesus High School,TN put on a clinic lat week yall. This stud did it all. On both ends of the floor he excellled. With electric speed and athleticism he dropped defenders at will. beautiful shot from outside. explosive off the bounce and a fierce finishes. In three games AJ had 71pts, 20asts, 16rebs, and 6stls.

Hunter Fitch @HunterFitch6 , 6'8 , 205 ; c/o 24 from Mexia High School,TX is a man child and a low post dominator. With size , strength, athletism and speed he really plays like a man among boys around the rim. Hunter is gifted and shifty off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Gobbles up boards like candy and is one of the most ruthless rim protectors out there. This past week he had a monster game for the ages. Hunter finished with 27pts, 17rebs, and 7blks.

Connor Amunddson , @ConnorAmundsen, 5'11 , c/o 24 from Clovis North High School, CA Is an explosive point guard that can changer. With blowby speed he fuels the offense like a well oiled machine. As a triple threat scoring option he keeps the defense off balnced . With a dazzling passing ability he can disect any defense. And a great defender that can turn defense into offense in a flash. And mixes it up on the boards. Last two games Connor 46pts, 8rebs, 10asts, 6stls and 1blk.

Noah Payne @_noahpayne112 , 6'1 with a 6'7 wingspan, c/o 24 from The Peddie School, NJ is an electrifying athlete that is smokin hot right now and is a flat out match-up nightmare going off on both sides of the ball. Understanding this is his year, Noah has elevated his skills to make a statement. last week in 4 games Noah averaged 29pts, 8asts, 6.5reb, and 3.5stls per game. On the season he is averaging 31pts, 8.5asts, 8rebs, and 3stls per game.

Cole Lambert @_colelambert1 , 6ft, 160, c/o 24 from Wyoming East High School AKA "The Little Giant" is a man on a mission to prove skill and geart gets wins . His passion and drive has been evident all season. Cole is an electric athlete that impacts every game in multiple ways. From his guard spot he is a strong triple threat scoring option yet the perfect facilitator dropping sweet dimes. And always brings scrappy defensive energy to fuel his team. And he gets on the boards. In three games Cole finished with 61pts, 16ast, and 7reb.

Cade Capps @raf_cade ,6'5 c/o 25 from Stone Memorial High School,TN "AKA " , The Punisher" was on fire this this week leading his team well. Cade is a match-up nightmare with his ability to live up to hid name and has become a weekly mainstay in this contest with dominate performances week after week. He is a pick your poison offensive force. With a fierce triple threat scoring ability and one of the nastiest spin moves in the country he can score in bunches . Tough to contain a gem with his size and strength. In two games this week Cade finished 65pts and 19reb.

Luke Walsh @LukeWalsh414 , 6'2 , c/o 25 fromVianney High School,MO is a dynamic athlete that is crafty and crative . A prolific triple threat scoring option that can heat uop in a hurry. Silky smooth touch from downtown .Explosive off the bounce where he destroys defenders at will with a full array of moves and blowby speed. Even on this loaded team he can go from facilitator to a scoring machine. Drops some sweet dimes and a solid defender. Luke had himself a monster game this week going off for 35 points and 5 assists.

Weekly Player Spotlight: Shyam Patel

C/O 2025 | 4.0 GPA | 6’4 | 161 lbs | Combo Guard | FBISD Stephen F. Austin High School |

@G4GElite2025 |



 | NCAA ID: 2302790851

We put forward Shyam Patel for this week’s player spotlight with great enthusiasm. Representing Stephen F. Austin High School’s varsity basketball team, Shyam’s outstanding season is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

Shyam has consistently been a top performer this season, leading in points, rebounds, steals, and assists. His offensive skills are matched by his defensive acumen, often taking on the challenge of guarding the opponent’s most vital player and delivering critical defensive plays.

Shyam’s impact goes beyond the statistics. His leadership qualities shine through both in games and during practice sessions. As appointed Team Captain, he is a motivator and a mentor, setting an example with his relentless pursuit of excellence and team-first attitude.

Shyam’s influence stretches into the school community, where he participates in various initiatives and mentors younger students. His cheerful demeanor and willingness to support others have earned him the respect and admiration of many at the school.

Shyam’s abilities on the court have caught the attention of college scouts, and his ongoing development promises exciting opportunities in college basketball and beyond.

To sum up, Shyam Patel is an outstanding basketball player and a pillar in his school community, making him an exemplary choice for this week’s player spotlight.

Andrei Honrada @Andrei HondrKylett , 5'9 , 155, from St. Johns Northwestern Academy, WI is en electric point guard having a moster season so far. This little stick of dynamite gets into the seams with good speed for a nasty midrange with a bag full of crafty moves. Dont let his size fool you , he can score over almost anyone , anytime he chooses. A natural leader and a proven winner. In that bag of tricks Andrei has a ruthless array of floaters, hesitations, a wicked Euro step and more. Andrei is also a solid defender . can drop some nice dimes and gets a few boards. This week in two games Andrei finished with 58pts, 6reb, 4ast, 9stls and 1blk.

Sam Parson @Sam_Parson15 , 6'3 , 185, c/o25 from Grundy County High School, TN continues to show out and make his presence her weekly. This incredible athlete is absolutely unstoppable and a walking double-double machine. He is a true leader and the total package that you know he is gonna bring it every single game. Sam finished with 28pts, 12reb, 8asts, 2stls and 1blk in his only game last week.

Ashton Romney @ashmoney_26 , 6'5 , c/o 24 from Walden Grove High School , AZ another weekly standout as he is having a monster season yall gotta keep an eye on.He is a double-double machine and a defensive stud. He picked up his 8th double-double of the season as he led his team to another nice win. In impressive fashion Romney finished with 38pts, 10rebs, 6asts, 5blks, and 2stls.

Irfan Khan @CertifiedIrfan , 6'2, 150, C/o 24 from Schumburg Christian School, Ill is a prolic scoring machine . He punishes defense with an array of tricks to get that ball in the goal. There is a reason he is the #4 scorer in the state and #1 per 32. in three games Irfan finished with 76pts, 15rebs, 11asts and 11stls.

MJ Patton @coachmattMCA , 5'11 , c/o 25 from Mercer Christian School, WV is a prolific three point sniper with silky smooth release. But not one demenation as he has a nasty mid-range game as he gets in thseams with ease. a very effient shooter but can drop some nice dimes, mix it up on the boards and plsay solid defense . MJ had himself special way as he joined the 1000 point club. In two games MJ finished with 51pts, 14rebs, 11asts and 3stls.

Avi West @Avidanwest , 6'1 , 170 , c/o 25 from Northwest Christian School, WA is an explosive gem with mad hops and speed to spare. Avi is a duel threat scoring option with a nice long range bobm or a wicked attack off the bounce with fierce rim rocking ability. Dropps dimes like candy . Relentless on the boards and a tenacious defender. A true coaches dream for a guard. Last week in four gams Avi finiished with 74pts, 34reb, 28ast, 16stls, 2blks.

Kevin Honer @kevin11honer , 6'3 , 140, c/o 14 from Brew Tech high School,AL is yet another explsive talent with a beautiful long range bobm with unlimited range. he is long and cradfty. Kevin uses the 6'7 wing span as a wepon to impose his will on defenders. Kid is a beast one the boards and plays relentless defence. In three games Kevin finished with73pts, 25reb, 3ast, 3stls and 1blk. during this stretch ,Kevin joined the 1000 point club.

Ethan Rosenau @ethan_rosanou , 6'2 , 190 , c/o 24 is on an impressive run . being a game changer with that smooth outside shot. That catch and shoot is just nasty. He mixes it up on the boards well to boot. Making a statement in his final year yall. This week in two games Ethan 42pts and gobbled up 11reb.

Malachi Aliano @Kaialiano_2025 , 6'2 , 145 , c/o 25 is alethal three point specilist and a lockdown defender. Fast and atletic. A real high flyer. Lstwhere he set himself apart. 58pts on 10/16 shooting from downtown and added 2 bls in two games.

Jordan Bledso @_JordanBledsoe , 5'10 , 155, of Mona Shores High School ,MI is a crafty dynamo with crazy speed and shifty moves that freezes defenders in their track and then with jaw dropping moves and thread the needle passes he overwhelms defenders and ignites his team like a sparkplug to an engine. with a monster game Jordan went off with 33pts and 8asts.

Sam Seiden @_samseiden, 5'11 , 160, c/o 25 from St. Bonaventore High School, CA , is tough and savvy floor general who loves to attack the rim and is a strong finisher inside. Ajnd Sam is a dropping passer and solid defender.Had a nice week finishing with 42pts, 29asts, 4rebs, and 2stls.

Tyrann Paulin @TyronnPaulin14 , 6'6 , c/o 25 from St. Albans,WV is dominsting post player. Knows his how to own his space and hit high percentage shots while gobbling up boards. He had an incredible game last week finishing with 31pts and 13reb.

Noah Nelson @NoahNelson73 , 6'2 , 175 , from Georgiana High School, GA c/o 25 is lethal three point sniper with a soft touch and unlimited range. Crafty off the bounce and a strong finisher. Can deliver a nice dime and puts in some work on the boards. Last week Noah finished with 52pts, 12reb, 12ast and 2 stls.

Joe Whit @JosephWhit5 , 6'1 , c/o 24 from Southwest Christian Academy, AR is another electric guard with a long wing span that can attack adefense with his long range shooying or get downhill in a flash and finish strong at the rim. His three ball is lethal. Joe is effective on theboards as well. Finished with 51pts on 9/17 from outside. Joe added 10rebs and 4asts and 1 stl.

Julian Myles 6'1 , c/o 25 from South Oldman High School in KY was on fire and went off for38pts and added 5rebs, 3stls and 3ast.


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