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Versitle Vanguard: The Triple Threat Guard and Defensive Dyanmo

Ethan Morgan

Twitter: @ethanmorgan25

Instagram: @ebmorgan2

6’3” 175lbs.

c/o 25

Pine Lake Prep Mooresville, NC


Morgan is a long, rangy point guard that uses his size effectively, to really impact every game. With a silky smooth touch from outside, and a nice ability to punish with mid-range pull-ups, or finish strong at the rim, this kid is a flat out problem. He remains an extremely humble, unself playmaker, with good court vision and a high game IQ. In his own words " he gets involved.” Defensively, he is tenacious and can defend from all five positions.


Last season Ethan averaged 7.1  points , 5.2  rebounds and  2.9 assists per game.     But don't let the numbers fool you. Here is a better idea of the impact this kid has had on his team:

Career Charges: 47 (1st All Time) Career and Single Season Record holder for charges

Career Assists 195 (2nd All Time)

Career Steals: 124 (2nd All Time)

Career Rebounds: 315 (5th All Time)

Career Points: 486 

Add these to his accomplishments:

All Conference: Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Year

Pine Lake Team MVP: Junior Year (2023/2024)

Pine Lake Team MVP: Sophomore Year (2022/2023)

Pine Lake Offensive MVP: Freshman Year (2021/2022)


This kid is a true game changer. Losing 8 seniors for this upcoming season, he knows he has to step up, and be a more aggressive leader, make more shots, and continuing to rebound and defend. He understands his role will shift tremendously, and he has already elevated his game this AAU season, which is setting the stage for a monster year of high school. Ethan has been averaging 13 points per game for Pine Lake during the June high school team camps.

He always is striving to win, and he is thinks big picture. That big picture is all about getting a scholarship to play in college. He plays with passion, intensity and purpose, every single time he walks onto the court. He focuses on learning from mistakes, and knowing that you have to let a bad play go and refocus on the game. Mental toughness is huge, and this kid fully understands that. When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said “ateam leader, who is unselfish, and plays with toughness . I love to take charges and do all the things needed to help the team win.



 Ethan is open to play at any level in college, and he has a 4.61 GPA. That shows that he focuses in the classroom as well as on the court. My assessment is this kid is a floor general that can run any team efficiently and effectively. He possesses a warrior spirit and he will battle until the very end. Watching Ethan play in real time was even more impressive. I was able to appreciate what a huge impact he has on his team. His decision making, timing and swagger, allows him to be the fuel that burns his team’s fire. His high energy level and enthusiasm is contagious, and he has grown to be a true leader on and off the court. These are intangibles you simply can't teach.   



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