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Versatile Vortex: The Dominant Triple Threat on Offense, Rebounds, and Defense

Harrison Jones

Twitter: HarrisonJo22838

Instagram: Biggharryy

6’6” 175lbs.,C/O 27

Trinity Christian HS Lubbock, TX

Jones is a fierce, versatile, triple threat scoring machine. He is freakyathletic and has a nice soft touch on his shots. He is long, lanky and uses superiorelevation to get his shots off in tight spaces. He is both a tenacious rebounder and defender who can also consistently drain 3’s…..a total hustler and a team player who knows how to fire his team up

.Jones has been limited playing behind seniors on a defending State Championship team, but all that did is further motivate him to push himself even harder to get better. Iron sharpens iron! Although he didn’t get as much p.t. as he had hoped for, he absolutely made the most of every single opportunity that he was given. What do I mean? How about finishing as the !PREP HOOPS OVERALL #16 & #4 SHOOTING GUARD IN TEXAS 2027 (FEB 2024) PREP HOOPS OVERALL #17 & #3 SMALL FORWARD IN TEXAS 2027 (JUNE 2024)  Not too shabby!!! His biggest goal for this upcoming season is to win a state championship, while having an even bigger impact for his team during that run.

Playing AAU for Team Trae Young 3SSB, Harrison's goal is to win 15u 3SSBin Session 4 while  improving his scoring consistency and taking on an even bigger leadership role. This will only lead to him being more of a leader for his high school team. This kid just flat out loves to compete against kids who are older, stronger, and more experienced than he is. He feels that is the only way to truly get better. He definitely does not run away from smoke!

This kid has a cool, calm demeanor and simply can’t be rattled.  When things aren’t going well during a game, he takes a deep breath, and focuses on the next play.When asked what a coach can expect from him he said “A high energy, impact player who can deliver the goods both offensively and defensively, while also fueling his team. I am a leader who will always give 100% hustle and I am extremely dependable.

”Harrison sees himself playing at the D1 college level because not only does he have the God given talent, but also the hunger, passion and work ethic to go along with that God given talent. He is willing to roll up his sleeves, get down and dirty and do whatever it takes to help his team get that dub. The kid simply is never satisfied with his performance and is always striving to get better and better. That can’t be taught, folks. That is either something that is deep down inside of you, or it’s not.

 My personal assessment is that this kid hasn’t even began to scratch the surface of just how truly good that he can be. I can absolutely see him playing at the D1 level, simply based on all the tools he brings to the table. His future stock is only going to continue to rise in both the state of TX, and throughout the entire Nation.  Buckle up folks, it is going to be one fun ride!


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