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Versatile Killa with the Soft Touch: Magic Feet

Jarett Simpson @jarettsimpson , 6'7 , 196 c/o 26 from   Southwestern High School ,KY is a crafty big man with a soft touch. Jarett is shifty and creative as he is an imposing force with his nice size.  Jarett  knows how to work that low post with incredible footwork and deadly right handed hook shot. Jarett is a truly gifted finisher around the rim. But he flexes his versatility by being a high post player that can really shoot the midrange while being a playmaker by facilitating to my teammates while also stepping out and shooting the 3 ball. Jarett puts in the work on the boards on both ends. Jarett is a real problem for bigs to match up with as his versatility keeps the defense off balanced and guessing at exactly what he will do any time he touches the ball. Jarettt is solid defensively as well and becoming a nice rim protector.

This past season Jarett averaged 11.4 points and 7.8 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.2 blocks a game. For AAU Jarett played with vision elite last year and also played with vision select and averaged 16.5 points and 10.2 rebounds a game with them. Jarett's favorite achievement from last season was dropping 25 on the elite team. When they played them last year it was in the championship game at a vision tournament which made his breakout game even more impressive and meaningful. Jarett's biggest improvement from last season is his three point shooting. Jarett wasn't a good 3 point shooter his freshman year and was determined to put in the work to change that.The hard work is paying off as Jarett has improved his shot and has elevated that 3 point shot since his freshman year. trying to model his game after Carmelo Anthony because of his midrange game and his post up moves while also stepping out and shooting it well. but Jarett's goal this high school season is to win district and to become known as one of the best players in the 12th region while helping his team win that region and make it to rupp and shock the state and put the state on notice.

What separates Jarett from other players is his work ethic ,determination and his touch and IQ of the game as he went from barely ever playing in 8th grade to making varsity as a freshman to now starting as a sophomore while making the all district team this last year. Jarett can see himself playing at D2 or D3 but his dream is to play D1 basketball and he plans to try his hardest to get there but if he can't then yes he would play at a lower division. My assessment is that if he finds that dog inside and comes to understand his size is a weapon and a huge advantage. Learning to add strength to that size and skill can and would lift him to that D1 dream. Developing a hunger and passion to use both to dominate and be the best player on that court at all times with the fierce fire to punish everyone he faces with ruthless aggression, it will be a reality. I'm hyped to see just how high he flies.


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