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Velosity Unleashed: The Explosive WR with Breakaway Speed with Defensive Swagger

Brady Thorn @brady_thorn , 5'10 , 153 , c/o 28 WR/S fromParkersburg, WV is a dynamic play making stud. With his versatile skill set on both sides of the ball Brady brings  explosive speed and athleticism . As a receiver Brady knows how to be a big play stud with that 73 inch wingspan and 36 inch vertical, he can elevate above defenders , even in a crowd and reel that pigskin in. And if you don't bring him down quickly and he gets one step with break away speed you ain't catching him from behind.  Brady is an outstanding route runner with a high IQ that processes the defense quickly for shift moves that gets  him into the open field where he can punish with that speed. .Brody is electric and shifty off the snap  and stretches  the field which puts the defense  at a disadvantage before the play ever develops.  Brady has incredible hands like teflon.  and the QB knows he can simply throw it up and Brady has the hopes to get up and get it. As a route runner he uses violent cuts to create seperation. Brady is very effective at tracking the ball and making tough catches  most receivers can't. make. Brady is a natural born leader and a fierce competitor.  In 8 games Brady had 29 receptions for 920 yards,  for 14 TDs averaging 31.7 yards per catch. And the ability to line up in the backfield they discovered he can be extremely effective from that spot as well.  with 19 rushes for 375 yards and 4 TDs for a 19.7 yard per carry average. His offensive productivity doesn't stop there . Brady had 2 kickoff returns for 2 TDs  for 166 yards,  for an all - purpose yard total of 1463 yards and 20 total TDs. 

That  IQ translates right over to the defensive side of the ball too. Not only is a master route runner but reading them just as well from the defensive side. A disruptive  game changer. . That same dazzling speed pays off big time as it's almost to get by Brady .  He is a play wrecker on the defensive side.  The numbers don't lie. Brady had 74 tackles with 12 TFL, 2 forced fumbles, 3 onside kick recoveries, and 2 blocked XPs. . 

Last season Brady had 21 receptions for 763 yards for 9 TDs and defensively  42 tackles with 6 TFL and 1 INT. Brady's biggest improvement from last season was his speed and agility. giving him the ability to turn small plays into big plays. Coaches can always count on Brady to perform at the highest level wherever they put him. to help his team get that win. Brady is going to bring intensity  and mental toughness with grit and passion to impact the game every single down.. His leadership will always be evident as he will take the responsibility of keeping his teammates straight and be that voice that doesn't allow them to get down on themselves while pushing them to be the best they can be..

 Brady is certainly a D1 talent getting better and better  but would be open to consider  a lower  division level.  What makes a school stand out is a school where he can have a good relationship with coaches who can help him continue to develop and get better at this sport he loves to play. . Brady's advice to those coming behind him is to put in the work to be the very best you can be to go as far as you want to go. You have to be consistent and never give up while pushing yourself to achieve every goal you set. . Only you determine how high you fly and at the end of the day just how good you can be.    


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