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Unyielding: A Gritty Tale of a Fearless Combo Guard

Jordan Hogue @Jordan_Hogue_11, 5'10, 164, c/o 25 from Warren East High School, KY is a tough, savvy  cobo guard that is fearless attacking the lane and strong finisher even through contact. But  Jordan is a triple threat scoring option. Always looking to make the right pass   Jordan is also a scrappy defender ready to take the challenge of guarding anyone before him with grit and tenacity and doesn't mind mixing it up on the boards. Jordan's favorite highlight of last summer's AAU session was helping lead his team to win the 1st tournament of the year last year setting the tone and fueling them from that moment on. Jordan averaged 12 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists during last year's run. But this year Jordan has come back stronger and started this year in impressive fashion averaging 17 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists per game and led his team to the semis in that @VEAHoops event this past weekend against some really talented teams. playing for the Western KY Elite. Watching him battle fearlessly against much bigger players with continued success including a ruthless shot block . There was no back down in him as he was determined to make a statement  every single time.. The biggest improvement in Jordan's game since last year  is to create his own shot better and turn up the heat on the defensive end.Jordan is determined no one will try to use his size as a disadvantage but making his defense and ability to score on anyone his strengths that no one can ignore. This little giant plays with so much heart and fire you doubt his confident swag to compete on any stage.Jordan's goal going into this coming season will be to help his team win the district and make it to Diddle Arena to battle it out for a chance to make it to the State tournament  and that means a chance to live every KY kids dream of playing in historic Rupp Arena. 

What sets Jordan apart is that competitive edge and fearless grit  ready to take on anybody , anywhere . That is the fuel within Jordan that drives his success on the court. Jordan's dream is like every athlete to play D1. But the reality of knowing just to have the privilege of playing any level of college basketball is a blessing  he just will work hard for an opportunity.. My assessment is Jordan can easily play a mid to high level D2 but can continue to develop and set the bar as high as he wants to fly with hard work and be relentless in his pursuit of that D1 dream.. Jordan has intangibles in his game play you can't teach  but can change the tide of any game as an impact player.


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