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Defense is My Game

Dylan Hall @DulanLhall10 , 6'0 ,165,c/o 26 from Friendswood High School is a three-point specialist who torches the nets with that silky smooth touch. Dylan is a fierce combo guard with wicked handles he uses to get an advantage over defenders with a devastating first step to get downhill in a flash fit and easily finishes. uncontainable blow by speed-breaking ankles off the bounce. But can deliver sweet dimes with his high IQ and court vision. As much as Dylan loves to score, he loves to fuel his teammates as well. But he is known Dylan proves himself on his defense as well. Intensely passionate on that end of the floor Dylan is scrappy and tenacious getting up into his opponents forcing turnovers and missed shots to fuel fast breaks and easy baskets. Dylan thrives on fast-paced games.

In the AAU session, Dylan averaged points, 2.5 assists, and 1.5 rebounds. Dylan's biggest improvement was becoming a more confident shooter and a triple-threat scoring option. Stepping up at the moment as a leader his team needs to do whatever is required.

Last season Fylan averaged 11.5 points, 3 assists, and 1. 5 rebounds per game. Dylan has set the goal of elevate hid game to be that leader who can do whatever it takes to get them to the state tournament fuel his team to match his energy and steady improvement themselves. Dylan is determined to make the all-district t team.

Coaches should know is what sets Dylan apart from the rest is his shooting and his tenacious defense. Both are special and can be dependent on every single game. These traits can transition to a low D2 or a high-level D2 with room to grow and develop even more. The ceiling and potential are high. And if this gem grows just a few more inches we are talking a whole different level D1. Keep this one on your radar.


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