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The Swift Back: Cunning Clash of Crafty Velocity

Lukas Dunham @ LukasDunhan1 , 5'11 160 , c/o 24 from South Barber High School Is an explosive duel athlete with a ton athletic ability and crazy break away speed. Lukas is shity and elusive . A dominating force on both sides of the ball and on special teams. When Lukas getts his hands on the ball is gonna be electric. Defensively he is a beast that cannot be contained. Lukas's awards, 1st team All -Dstrict defense and special teams and 2nd team All- District on offense. 1 st team All-State defense and Returner. Honorable mention All- State offense.

Last season Lukas had 50 carries for 352 yards while averaging 7 yards per carry. Adding 331 recieveing yards. Lukas had 76 kick return yards and 37 punt return yards for a total of 841 All- Purpose yards in 9 games. This season 36 carries for 264 yards for an average of 7.3 yards per carry. Added 20 receptions 224 yards averaging 12.2 yards per catch. Lukas had 177 kick return yards and 232 punt return yards for a total of 937 All-Purpose yards in 7 games, only one game stats not posted. Lukas improved his vision running down the field. Increasing his IQ Lukas sees lanes before they open and hits them with speed and power. Overall his kick off and punt returns have improved greatly getting down the field faster than ever with the determination to score every time he youches that ball.

Coaches should know everytime Lukas hits that field his purpose is to punch the ball down the field running crisp routesthat gives hum the biggest openingsdown the field probing for seams and gaps to exploit effectively. Giving a 110% effort at all times. His speed and athletic body maneuvers are what sets him apart .That alone gets Lukas really good seperation. Lukas would rather play a higher level division because he could play against the more skilled athletes which would help him improve his skills along the way. But honestly only sees himseld only playing NAIA or D3 if he plays at all. However , Lukas did just recieve his first basketball offer. For a school, to appeal to Lukas it needs to have a great healthy program. Lukas is hyped about the coming college life and the relationships with the students and players that will be built.

Lukas gives this advise to those coming behind him, Dont listen or pay attention to all the outside distractions. As an athlete you gotta be able to block everything out and focus on the game ormission ahead. Put in hard work through practice every day, building an obsession for the game. Eat , sleep and drink this sport and thats how you will improve and excel.


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