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The Swift Strike Sentinel: The Lone Tackler's Anthem

Zach Harrison @crew_harrison, 5'11 , 170 , c/o 24 from O'Connell High School, VA is an a dominating defense stud. Possing outstabding closing speed and sure hard hitting tackler. High IQ and nose to for ball with nice anticipation skills. Zach is very aggressive playmaker. Zach is a nice two way player that know how to impact a game and play shut down defense. With 56 solo tackles , 10 assists , 3 tackles for a loss and 1 fumb;e recover in 9 games set Zach apart and earned him a Top 10 DB ranking in the state of VA also earning him 1st team all- conference honors. On the offensive side Zach had 20 catches for 332 yaerds and 2 TDs. With his great vertical and hands he was abile to do some damage.

Zach's biggest improvement was his knowledge of the game and IQ. He began to react quickly without much thought. A more natural feel for the game. That IQ and aggression at maximizing his hard hitting playstyle set him apart from other DBs . And using some of that IQ and added playing ability and athletism seperated him from other WR. Coaches can expect all out effeot everytime Zach hits the field and his team can trust him to always do his job and make sure tackles. Zach sees himself as a D1 talent but would certainly enterain and legit opprotunties. What would make a school stand out is culture and coaching style and playstle of the team. Zach's meassage to those behind him is always take everything serious and play hard every down.


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