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Blazing Fury: The Explosive Dual Threat

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Austin Crittenden @AustinCrit2025 , 5'10 , 175, c/o 25 is tough and hard to bring down. He is a physical back on the offensive end that hits the hole hard and fast but shifty enough to create extra yatds for himself. Runs with speed, power and determination. Great vision and IQ to read the defense and make game defining cuts. Ruthless spin moves even at full speed and tough to bring down.

Austin's offensive stats for this year were 100 carries for 876 yards and 13 TDs. Also made 3 receptions for 50 yards. Defensively Austin delivers big, bone rattling hits . His speed and IQ translate well to the defensive side of the ball as his understanding of routes give him an edge. Austin has great anticipation skills which allows him to be in the offensive players pock quickly to deliver the big hits. . Finished the season with 50 tackles, 2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries. This duel position athlete was impressive and with a high motor delivered time and time again on both sides of the ball. Austin's biggest improvement from last season was his stretch and agility. Becoming more explosive than ever off the line. Already an extremely hard runner using that great vision with that agility became even more illusive. Being athletic on both sides of ball lending almost an unfair advantage to Austin's game.

What sets Austin apart is his quick decision making . Add his dedication, hard work and drive on that field and you hit a star who is a difference maker. Constantly striving to improve his skills Austin stays hungry and never satisfied . Coaches can count on Austin giving 110% every minute he is on the field. He grinds hard even when the season is over. With his skill set Austin is primed to be a D1 talent if he keeps elevating those skill vould be a high D1. at the end of the day Austin would play D2 or JUCO if that keeps him playing. Don't blink on this young star.

Austin's advice to to younger players coming behind him is always give your all. You have to work harder than you think but never give up. Things may not always go your way but there is no time to get down about it, you gotta keep pushing forward.

Troy University is Austin's target school but what makes a program stand out ti him is a good football program. Austin wants to be at a place where he knows he can learn more and continue to get better and better.


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