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The Passing Virtuoso: Tactical Brilliance

Kayden Paz @kayden_pez ,5"10 ,135 , c/o 27 of Marion Harding High School is a three level scorer with slick handles and crafty moves. With a high IQ Katden probes the defense fonindingseams and gaps and expodes into action to get his shots off. All long sering the entire court will deler a sweet dime in a flash.

In the AAU session Kayden averaged 11 assists for the All Ohio Red. Kayden goal is to average 10 points and 5 assists per game. Kayden has improved on a log areas since last summer it's the vertical elevation, getting more bounce he is most proud of. Hours of work in the gym paying off drives Kayden striving to elevating his game and get better evervday.

What separates Kayden is his patience and ball ball control micro management of the the game and his defensive swagger being fluid and extremely active. His work ethic with passion to be among the best while putting on that work I assess as a D2 with low D1 potential at this point but with an extremely high ceiling we will have to just watch his growth and develops. Keep a close eye on this young star.


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