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Effenciency Unleashed : The Relaible Scoring Sensation

Player: Jackson Welch Twitter: @JacksonWelch_ Height: 6’7, 190 Class of 2024 School: Inola High School, OK

Welch is a sniper. This young star had one of the sweetest and deadliest three-point shots in the entire gym. This wing put in the work finding it spots and letting it fly. His game is efficient as he doesn’t force shots and hits those threes at a high clip. Welch’s touch is silky smooth. His specialty is catch and shoot, as he has no wasted motion. He puts in the work on the boards too. He can pass and play defense, as he knows exactly how to use that length. His signature game in AAU was an incredible 27pts and 19rebs,. He was an imposing force that could not be contained.

Welch averaged 13pts, and 7rebs this session. His biggest improvement was becoming a better decision-maker and getting strong. Last season, he averaged 14pts and 5rebs per game. His goal is to make a serious run in pursuit of a state tournament appearance and have a solid season record. What sets Jackson apart is his work ethic and his love for the game. Coaches need to know when you need a shooter, Jackson is your guy.


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