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Defensive Dynmo: The Total Package Player

Jahlil Hope @JahlilHope ,6'3 , 185 , c/o 24 , Ashley Ridge High School fierce young gem that does many things well out there. offensively he is a triple threat scoring option but loves attacking the lane and getting to the rim. Absolutely electric off the bounce. He uses his strength and speed to impose his will when he sets his mind to get downhill. . A high IQ as he learns and adjusts to in game actions on the fly. Jajlil finds a way to beat you against any odds. Any weakness and Jahlil will find it and exploit. Tigh handles and a defensive stud. Using athleticism and speed to contest shots and get steals Jahlil is a thorn for opposing players. Size and length certainly aid him in being a great defender. And man can Jahlil mix it up on the boards . Tenacious rebounder and turns those rebounds into offensive opportunities quickly fueling the transition game in a flash. Jahlil is the total package with a little dog in him making him a force to be reckoned with on both ends. Take the personal challenge of guarding your best play and taking him completely out of the equation.

Last session Jahlil averaged 18ppg, 10rpg, and 2spg . For the Charleston Raptor Jahlil averaged 8ppg, 4rapg, 3rpg and 4 spg. Jahlil's biggest improvement was becoming a better facilitator and fueling his teammates pushing them to be better. I also see that the defense also went to another level understanding the greatest impact is the defense that wins games. For the first time this upcoming season Jahlil will be huge bringing the court as a more impactful ball handler and looking to average at least 5 assists per game. Jahlil's primary goal though is to be better than last year as that will lead to more wins and a deep playoff run. Gotta win that district to get a better future than last season and Jahlil is hungry to not just do that to be a serious contender in the state championship tournament. He certainly will pick up many awards along the way , like ever years.

Jahili's work ethic , grit and toughness is what separates him from the pack. And that dog in him will continue to set apart moving not just into this season but on the next level. Can't teach that but you sure can coach ity and develop it even more. Jahlil has the size, strength , athleticism and scoring ability to excel on the next level. High D2 will be a great fit and he would be an instant impact. Jahlil played against several D2 players throughout the summer and held his own. Battle tested and proven he can compete there right now with still another to elevate his skills. Understanding the transfer portal dynamics Jahlil is flexible and just want to play where he is wanted . But every coach needs to know Jahlil will have an impact where he lands. Count on that.


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