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Untamed Titan: The Unstoppable Force of the Gridiron

Landon Wolny

Twitter: Landonwolny_80

6'4” 205lbs.

c/o 27

First Baptist Academy Naples, FL

Wolny is BEYOND physical, and can be literally undefendable once he gets going.He is strong, aggressive and is just flat out a DOG. Period. This past season, he finished the season with 581 yards on 24 catches and had 5 TDs. His biggest improvement from last season was definitely further studying the game, lifting, and learning the playbook. He earned All-Region Honorable mention as a Freshman.

The thing that really impresses me about this kid, is that he truly understands that there is no sport that is more of a team sport than football. In baseball, if a pitcher gets hot, he can take over a game.  In basketball, if a player gets hot, same thing. In hockey, a goalie can take over a game all by himself.  But, to be successful in football, the entire team has to be on the same page and all have to be doing THEIR job. The great Bill Belichick time and time again has said “Do YOUR job.” I think this is a concept that unfortunately gets lost on many of today’s kids.  The “Me, Me, Me” mentality simply does not work in the game of football. You may personally have decent individual stats, but your team certainly won’t win many games if you don’t play like a team.

He said he can see himself playing for a D1 University, and he fully trusts that God has a plan for his life.  He knows as long as he puts in the work, that plan will unfold itself for him. Landon has already been named a 3 star athlete, and only entering his sophomore season, his stock will only continue to rise in the future. He has the work ethic, size, competitiveness, passion, and skill to make serious noise in the future.


He already has received three D1 verbal offers, and friends if this kid continues on the path he is on, that is only the very beginning of a landslide of offers that will come his way.  He hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of his potential. His ceiling is extremely high, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will be watching this kid play on Saturdays in a few years, on one of the major sports networks.



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