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Unstoppable Reilience: Life with a Magic Touch

Greg Etienne

Tampa, FL

14 years old


Durant High School

Class of 2028

When you hear of some of the sad things our youth athletes go through, it is usually a

Father who went to prison, a Father or Mother who abandoned them, or a Father or

Mother who severely struggles with an alcohol or drug addiction. Well, picture being 14

year old and the doctor tell you that you have Stage 4 Cancer and you are literally in for

the fight of your life. That is what happened to Greg Etienne.

But, Greg isn’t like your average 14 year old. He has a courage inside of him that most

adults can only dream of. He went through two operations and during one, he almost

bled to death. They had to stop and redo the operation months later when he was

stronger. He has been through Chemotherapy and Radiation and yet he is still Greg.

He is still funny, still humble, still super respectful. He never one time felt sorry for


But, let’s not be total doom and gloom. This kid is one heck of Defensive Back who

possesses the skillset to nor only cover a WR, but also to be able to come up and bring

a RB to the ground. He’s not the biggest kid, but I dare you to find me a kid with more

heart and tenacity. Good Luck! Greg is finishing up with Chemotherapy and Radiation

and his team of doctors is very confident he will make a full recovery.

Greg said he was absolutely touched to see how many people reached out to him and

his Mom to check on him. That is what kept him fighting. He will be back playing

football sooner than later, and folks, any kid who can kick Cancer’s butt is absolutely a

kid I want on my football team! I will be keeping a close eye on this young man.


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