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Unleashing the Ultimate Dynamic Combo of Handles, Scoring, and Rebounding

Alex Orr

Twitter: Alexxorrr

Instagram: Al3xorr

6’3” 185lbs,c/o 2025

Texas High School Texarkana,TX

Orr is a crafty, triple threat scoring machine with a velvety smooth touch. He elevates over defenders with ease and simply makes it rain. Once he gets hot, it’s game over. He has nice handles, can rebound well, and he plays with an intense physicality when playing down low in the paint. He possesses a very high overall game IQ.

Last season, he averaged 15 points and 7 rebounds per game. However, his team played very inconsistent basketball, playing great one game and very average the next. He is determined that won't be the case this season. His goals for this upcoming season are to play as a team and make a deep run into the state playoffs. Individually, he wants to be an even better defender and he striving to win a district defensive award

.Playing AAU for ISO JOE, his biggest goals are to improve as an overall player in all facets of the game, which will organically happen playing against the best competition in the country, while always putting in hard work. My first time seeing him play, was definitely a treat. He was a wizard on both defense and offense. His team finished with a 2-1 record at the TABCShowcase, and he averaged 23.6 points, 5.3rebounds, 3.3 assists and 4.3 steals per game. He simply punished his opponentsat will from all spots on the court.

His absolute favorite part of the game is when he snatches a steal, takes off down the court and brings the thunder with a power jam. That gets the crowd and his teammates fired up, and that energy is both electric and HIGHLY contagious! You simply can’t rattle this kid or push his buttons.  He just takes a deep breath and goes out and gets the job done.

What really sets this kid apart from everyone else is undoubtedly his work ethic. He is the epitome of a “gym rat.”  He has a very strict workout regiment that he never deviates from. He said he could absolutely see himself playing for any D1 school based on that unwavering work ethic. He just flat out loves the game, and is most happy while being on the court.

My personal assessment is as he continues to develop defensively to match that beautiful shot he has, he can absolutely play for a mid-level D1 school, or he would be an absolute low -level D1 or D2 STEAL. You can't teach the energy and fire that this kid has. Now add in that size and strength, and you are cooking with gas. I will be keeping a very close eye on this kid this upcoming season and college coaches would be wise to do the same.


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