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Unleashed Fury: Scoring Machine with Hungry Dog Focus

Jack Kaley @_jackkaley_   , 6’3 180 lbs Class of 2025 from Lake Howell Highschool,, Fl  takes a lot of pride in his ability to score at all three levels and has one of the nastiest midrange games in the country. A knock down shooter from 3 at a high level but electric getting to the basket. Jack is a DOG on defense and a pest causing havoc to guards

Last Season Jacks AAU started out on NBA trainer Iren Rainey's team and was playing well Having a 41 point game and then right before the live period I sprained his ankle and was out for 8 weeks recovering and when he came back he was replaced and had to find a new team. Jack averaged 18.9 ppg and 3.9 rebounds 2.1 assists last AAU before injury  Jack's  favorite accomplishment of AAU was my 41 point game when he shot 10-14 from 3 and everything was clicking as he was smokin hot out there. Jack's biggest improvement has definitely been ball handling and playmaking. Last year Jack was mostly just a catch and shoot 3 kind of player. This year Jack has developed into a player that can get to his spots off the dribble and is now a threat of the pick and roll. Him and his trainer Nick Santos (who is a former pro) have been working on footwork and using his eyes to deceive defenders. This offseason Jack is really looking to continue working on his handles and footwork, but the biggest thing is working on his body, staying in the weight room trying to get stronger and work on his athleticism because he understand the need to become a better athlete to play D1 basketball.This season motivated Jack by the fact that he received any D2s or D1 offers . He knows he can compete at that level because he lives in the gym with those types of players and knows he can compete. IJake has determined he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder knowing that people are doubting him. He wants to prove everyone wrong and myself right. Biggest Goal this summer is to prove himself as one of the best players on the NXT circuit and lead his team to a successful summer!

What separates Jack from other players is his work ethic. The first player in the gym and the last one out and wont let anyone outwork him. Attention to detail and how he studies the game are in his daily routine. . Jack is also a great leader who leads his team as an extension of the coach on the floor talking on defense and encouraging his team and getting on them when needed.  

 Josh sees himself playing at any level, no matter what, but feels like if given the opportunity but feels like he definitely put the work in to be a division, one athlete or division two even if not given the opportunity, a division, one or division two school and would definitely play at a lower level school because of the belief he in himself and the opportunities that could come out of playing at a lower level school. Jack currently has 1 D3 offer and an Official Visit to the #4 Ranked NAIA in the country Oklahoma Wesleyan. My assessment is Jack is a solid lock for D2 and maybe D1 with a system that fits his playstyle. Can't wait to catch a show out there knowing it will be a show worth watching.


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