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Undersized Dynamo: The Fearless PG with Grit and Guts

Cohen Palmer @CPalmer2026 , 5'7 , 120 , c/o 26 from Delta High School, MO is a dynamic young stud that does it all.. Cohen has a very high offensive IQ that he uses to play multiple positions. Cohen has strong ball handling skills that help him be a nice facilitator.. His ability to score from anywhere on the floor makes him a real problem. Defenders have to pick their poison . Cohen can riain threes or attack off the bounce. Fueling his teammates for easy scores is always the fear you have trying to defend Cohen.. Always keep you guessing. Even thrives defensively with scrappy on ball defender. Cohen always draws the assignment of guarding the best player you have to offer. Cohen is fearless and fierce on both ends taking on any challenge put before him.. With the mindset every possession is a battle he must win.Offensively the objective is to get a score and defensively lock down so they don't score. That's heart right there, can't teach that. Last season Cohen averaged 14points, 7.82 steals and 1 blk. Cohens biggest improvement since last season is attacking the rim and aggressively getting to the rim against any defender. Understanding that it's tough for smaller players to score inside, Cohen worked hard to be a better , stronger finisher, even among the trees.. He knows no one is giving him anything so he must want it badly enough to take what he wants out there , holding nothing back. Cohen's goal for this season is to be more of a leader . After the successful season winning the conference championship as freshman , this kid knows how to win, developing early to win and stay consistent. You gotta put in the work and team focus gets it done. With a driving desire to repeat and put his team on the map as one that is known for winning championships. Building a winning tradition that lets everyone know , every time they step on the floor it's 80 points and a win. . What coaches need to know is Cohen has a little dog in him and never takes one possession off the serve and grit to win his battle on both ends .He won't get down on himself or his team for mistakes but adjust them quickly .Understanding mental is equally as important as the physical part.. Cohen thrives turning bad plays around in the very next possession . His desire and work ethic is pushing with fire in his belly for D1 willing to do everything he can to make that happen. . Can't tell Cohen he doesn't have what it takes to get that and with the constant grind never letting his height be used as a weakness or disadvantage., He bets on himself and no one pushes him harder than the kid in the mirror. Cohen is willing to go through a Juco if needed to prove he can play high level next competition and excel among them. Cohen takes it personal when people doubt him and lets that fuel his game to silence the noise. Playing with a chip on his shoulder. This is gonna be a fun ride yall. Stay tuned.


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