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Triple Treat: The Gritty Guard Dominator

Cole Phillips @CPhillips2025 , 6'3 189 , c/o 25 , Legacy Christian Academy,KY is another dynamic stud from this program that excels on bothe ends of the court and could easily average huge scoring numbers but this yall is true team with amazing chemistry. Cole is a fierce triple threat scoring option with a high IQ with nonstop motor. His energy really is fun to watch as he really gets after it and runs the floor as well as anyone out there in transition and can really dazzle with thunderous dunks. He has great court vision and loves sharing that rock for the best shot. Mixes it up on the boards and is an outstanding defender.

Last season Cole only averaged 2 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist per game. Elevating his game during the AAU session cole averaged 10 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Only building his confidence as he began to thrive in his skills and raising to ceiling to how high he could fly. Coles favorite AAU memory was becoming the #1 ranked team in the #BigTimeHoops Circuit and seeing all that hard work paying off. Build the passion to carry that same drive into the season a mission. Coles goal entering this season was simple, the fire to win a state championship is driving this young star and is evident is his play. So far averaging 16 points, 6 rebounds , 5 assists and 2 steals. Already knocking off both the #1 and #2 team .

What coaches should know is that Cole is another tough, gritty ,blue collar stud willing to do all the dirty work on both ends to get the win for his team. Cole continues to get better and better. As his confidence continues to take him to new heights the team concept helps him thrive on being just that knowing they got his make and his hustle and hard work aren't in vain which cause ls Cole to work even harder. This is what every coach can count on every game. Not really locked in on playing a certain division level only wanting to be apart of a program that believes in him and will allow him to thrive on impacting their program like he has every program in the past. No one outworks Cole and it shows anytime you see him play. My assessment is Cole is a rock solid D2 and will certainly be an instant impact with skill, heart , hustle , a winning mentality that produce a strong culture of success.


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