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Triple Threat Sniper: Fueling the Fire of Teammates

Jack Kaley @jackkaley , 6'3 , 180 , C/O 25 from Lake Howell High School , FL is an electric triple threat scoring option. That silky smooth rainmaker from deep is a thing of beauty. Known as a catch and shot sniper Jack was a sniper from out there.Jack finds gaps in the lane for great shots with nice elevation to get the shots he wants. Effectively attacks the labne and can finish strong at the rim. With a high IQ Jack is sharp at paying watchful attention to detail and meticulous at playing the game right. That comes from being a gym rat with a relentless work ethic and perfecting his craft. Jack is always looking for open teammates ready to fuel them with easy opportunities. Jack is driven to do whatever it takes to get that DUB , he hates losing. . Dont sleep on his defense and his sneaky speed to turn defense into offense in a flash.

The AAU session was a tough one as Jack battled some injuries but not before having a 41 point game where he shot 10-14 from downtown right before the live period. This young star was smokin' hot and couldn't be contained. Lethal display of what Jack can do at any moment once he gets rolling. But that's when it happened , an ankle sprain that cost him 8 weeks to recover. . Jack's biggest improvement was his ability to get to attack the defense and get to spots off the dribble at any moment and also more focus on more open looks for his teammates as the defense had to adjust or collapse to contain him .. Jack has set as his main goal to lead his team to the district championship which hasn't been done in his school since 2007. This kid is hungry to be a trendsetter and start a new winning tradition . Jack wants to average 15+ points per game and make the all -district first team.

Jack's work ethic is what sets him apart as he as a gym rat is the first to get to the gym and the last to leave. Devoted to perfecting every element of his craft as he understands greatness isn't just given to anyone , you gotta put in the work and earn everything you get out there and take no prisoners along the way. .The fire inside to outwork anyone while perfecting his attention to detail while studying every element of the game even when he isn't in the gym. Dedicated to consistently improving and not settling for just being a good player, but the best player on the floor.

Jack's dream is to grind and scrap his way to become a D1 talent but understands great opportunities can come on any division level. but gets that his focus has to be elevating his skills and letting his game open the right doors . The grind never stops and taking care of his business on the court is all he can control and that any opportunity can open the door for a better one if this work ethic continues to guide him. Jack has a huge ceiling and is coachable enough to achieve anything and drive with purpose on the court . Remember the name.


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