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Triple Threat Elite: The Ultimate Playmaker and Defender

Aidan Larson @aidanlarson07 , 6'3 , 170 ,  c/o 25 from Huntley High School , IL is a dynamic athlete that brings high energy and hustle that impacts the game in a variety of ways. Aidan is an elite three level scorer with a high motor that hustles for rebounds, steals, and loves to pass. As Coach Phil says, I am a 20 point scorer who does not need to score 20 points to be effective. Intense with a high basketball IQ not just offensively. Aiden leaves it all on the court every game.

Due to an injury Aiden missed the last season but fully recovered and is a steady hand in the AAU session playing for  Lincoln Elite Basketball averaging 9 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game while currently shooting a blistering 65 % from 3 point range and 60 % overall shooting. Aidan is currently the teams third leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder as a shooting guard. His prior AAU season's averages were 17.4 points, 8.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game. Aidan's favorite highlight was in the 2nd game of their first tournament of the 17u AAU season; he played against last year's runner up of the VEA Super 12 circuit. They had a come from behind victory where he had 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists in the dramatic victory. Since last high school season Aidan continued to work with Coach Phil Wallace and he has helped him to refine his abilities to score on all three levels , most notably in the mid range. He also has helped Aidan raise his overall confidence and made him more comfortable on the court. Aiden's goals for this upcoming high school season are to shoot efficiently and fulfill any role that his team needs him to play. In their last high school season the team finished 2nd in conference and unfortunately got knocked out in a hard loss in the first round of the postseason. Aiden is looking to help his team claim first place in their conference and also make a run in the postseason. The things that separate Aidan  from other players are that he  will always bring high energy and effort, no matter what role  he is asked to fill. Whether it be to lock someone down, find a teammate that is hot, or to help lead the team in scoring, he is  always a team player. Coaches call him  a Swiss army knife because he  can compete and fulfill any role asked of him. This isn't hype as this is exactly what I witnessed that impressed me so much.   Aiden  sees himself competing in the division 2 or division 3 level program. The most important thing to me is getting the best education  he can for himself while also competing in a high level basketball program. Aiden loves the game and is  looking forward to many more years of competition. My assessment is that Aidan is gonna be a steal for some high level D2 or D3 program . This kid can really go in his own rite but never works outside the team first concept which makes him every coach's dream.  And in all honesty if Aiden grows just 2 more inches and continues to elevate his game he could be a low mid-major to mid-mid major D1 talent with everything he can do out there. Aidan just has to keep pushing himself and putting in that level of work.  Let's just keep an eye on him this fall, I'm expecting a huge season from him.


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