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They Call him the Beast

Brayden Helimick  @HelimickBrayden , 6'6 , 240, c/o 26 from Notre Dame High School, WV is a classic old school big who loves to dominate the paint and has a high IQ.Brayden uses nice footwork , power and a wicked spin move to impose his will down there . A fierce back to the basket talent not easily contained. But Brayden is crafty and athletic, also getting shots off when he faces up. A g;lass eater gobbling up boards and a ruthless rim protector throwing himself a block party. Runs the floor very well. The best thing is Brayden understands how to use his size to create space to open up space to get the shots he wants.. He can also stretch the floor with a solid midrange game.

Braydens  biggest improvement was definitely getting stronger staying in the gym working on his body and strength conditioning. Also focusing on his footwork and core drill with his coach. It was clear this past season that his development took a big step forward. Brayden averaged 11.8 points,8.2 rebounds,2.6 assists.1.2 steals and 2.1 blocks per game. Certainly a huge impact in every single game. In the off season Brayden wants to improve his 3 point shooting becoming even more versatile .The goal for the upcoming season isto win the state tournament making WV remember his name along the way. Breayden will focus on getting his averages up across the board with the drive to get Notre Dame on the winning trail setting the stage  for the future of consistent wins. for years to come. He learned to slow the game down while pushing himself to be the best he can be at everything.

What set Brayden apart is his tenacity for dominating the paint and some good midrange ability to keep the defense honest. Classic old school big not interested in forcing long outside shots  knows he will draw the defense to collapse and can open up the guards for uncontested shots.Know he can flex his size and strength as a real matchup problem. Assessment is a low level D1 due to that size, strength and an intense work ethic. Braydens fully believes he can reach any goal he sets with the help of a strong support system that has fueled his confidence..

Other off season goals are to increase his vertical jumping  and perfecting his shot while motivating his team to get in that gym along with him to improve team chemistry. That's leadership at its best yall. This stud is hungry to improve and win as a team knowing that this young team didn't finish the way he knows they can. Can't wait to see the season kick off to see the development of Brayden and this young squad who should be a year older and ready to make a little noise.


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