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The Visionary : The Elite Scorer's Playbook

Aamori Patterson

Twitter: PattersonAamor 4

Instagram: aamoripatterson4

c/o 27

Hibriten High School Lenoir, NC 


Patterson is electric with the rock in her hands.  She can shoot from anywhere on the court, with a super quick release. She has amazing court vision and she knows how to use her size and wicked handles to leave a defender frozen in their tracks. She plays both sides of the ball well and is she is very unselfish. You will often see her setting up her teammates with a sweet pass that the defense never even saw coming. I would say her greatest strengths are her ball handling skills, shooting the ball from downtown and making it rain, and using her length to get hands on the ball defensively.


This past season, Aamori averaged 14 points, 5 boards, and 3 assists per game. Last season her team lost in the playoffs by only 5 points, and that loss was a very bitter pill for her to swallow. She has been training hard to work on becoming more explosive and aggressive. She said she loves all her teammates, and they have an amazing chemistry. Her biggest goal is for her team to win a state championship.


Playing AAU for Team Prevail Elite National, her biggest goal is to draw interest for herself and for her teammates, and hopefully offers will also come their way. What really fires her up is when the opposing team is talking trash and playing super aggressive.  If you get aggressive with her, trust me she is coming back at you even more aggressively! Don’t poke a sleeping bear ya’ll! 


I absolutely love her attitude of “you have to shake it off” when things aren’t going well in a game. What sets this kid apart from other many other players is she is a fantastic, unselfish player on the court who also excels in the classroom. Watching her play, you can flat out tell she just loves to play the game. She feels blessed that God gave her natural athletic ability and she knows that adding hard work to that equation makes her a very dangerous threat on the court. 


She said she feels she has the ability to reach the D1 level. This kid is confident, but definitely not cocky.  For my personal assessment, she absolutely has the talent and poise to be able to not only compete, but actually thrive at the D1 level. She possesses the skills, size and ball handling that just makes her flat out special to watch.  Let’s keep in mind she is only going into her sophomore year.  Her ceiling is extremely high and there is no limit to how high she can fly. This kid has MVP written all over her.  I would HIGHLY recommend you come check this cheat code, human highlight reel out for yourself.  She is most definitely worth the price of admission ya’ll!   


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