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The Unyeilding Lockdown Titan

saiah Wilson @ Isaiah_wilson4 , 5'10 , 168 ' c/o 24 from Longwood High School is a tenacious lockdown defender  that is tough and gritty. With a fierce ,relentless swagger Isaiah puts  in that work.. Offensively he is a physical downhill slasher who battles his way to the rim.. His high non stop motor is impressive on both ends but you certainly see " That Dog " in him defensively. Isaih can drop nice dimes and is scrappy on the boards too.  too. Don't let the size fool you, Isaiah is a warrior with a ton of heart to match his skills. .

In the AAU session Isaiah averaged 12 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds . Isaiah's favorite accomplishment in the AAU session was hitting  his first game winning shot in the AAU session. . His biggest improvement was decision making. . Being undersized you not only have to play better and harder than everyone else , you gotta play smarter to stand out.  So Isaiah spent time working hard on his IQ and athleticism to best accomplish just that. Isaiah's goal for this season is plain and simple, do whatever it takes out there to get noticed by a coach and get to the next level.  . To play so hard and be so effective that just one Coach would believe in him enough to take a chance on his talent..

 What separates Isaiah from other players is his giving 110%into everything he does on that court. With purpose and passion  Isaiah is determined no one will ever outwork him . His energy fuels others to turn up to another level. . Isaiah sees himself playing a low level D1 or D2 but is open to play any level to keep his dream alive if it's the right fit.  The key for Isaiah is that he can keep getting better and become the best version of himself he can be, 


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