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The Unstoppable Force: A defensive Dynamo with Speed, Power and Tactical Mastery

Hayden Utley @Maris31827934 , 6'1 , 236 , c/o 26 ILB/DL/DE from Marana High School , AR is an absolute beast who is a one man wrecking crew defensively and the offense's worst nightmare. He tracks that ball with great  vision and tenacity. Hayden is explosive, breaking through the line and running down anybody that has that ball.. If he gets  his hands on you , the play is over. Kinda like running into a brick wall that doesn't give , yet this wall is chasing you. Hayden plays mostly in the interior line because he is the strongest man on the team and excels at getting to the QB and is so good at disrupting plays. .Benching 330 lbs and squating 490 lbs  will establish your strength.But his versatility gives him the ability to play LB and edge rusher and any DL. Hayden is really best suited for an Edge Rusher who is similar to Micah Parsons. Hayden has a keen knowledge of the game and process plays quickly which makes him tough to handle as he adjusts so fast to anything the offense is doing at the moment.  Hayden runs 4.7 speed , which is faster than most high school or college kids. Not going to get too far once Hayden sets his sights on you. Not to mention his amazing footwork. 

Hayden had 46 solo tackles , 3 sacks and 6 tackles for a loss.  Hayen was  named NUC All- American, 1st Team all Southern Region,  and also Freshman All- American. 

Coaches need to know what sets Hayden apart is his constant, relentless aggression to the ball. With pure determination and grit he steam rolls anything between him and his target. Hayden is attentive to every detail on that field, down, distance and person before him. Devastating and unblockable. Hayden is a real problem for every opposing team he faces. You will get 110 %effort, passion and attentiveness. The dog in him looks to drive his opponent into the ground every single time.  Rarely can anyone match his speed, strength and aggression all developed through a tireless work ethic.  And he will never quit even if he is down 35-0.Hayden has 25 different pass rush moves that he has taken from NFL greats. His playstyle not only resembles Micah  but Von Miller, LT, Kahlil Mack. As a bonus, Hayden can even pass cover effectively. With the knowledge to cover backs and slot receivers with his footwork  technique. like strike and get back in balance, soft shoe, jump jam, right foot and left foot cheat, motor and more.  Hayden adds a 36 inch vertical..

Hayden is certainly a D1 talent and has 34 division 1 colleges following him but he hasn't contacted any of them yet as his focus is grinding to perfect his craft more and more to be the ultimate best he can be and let all that take care of itself in due time. The surprise is Hayden would consider a lower division level with the right coaching staff that could get him ready for the next level and is serious about winning a national championship. Hayden is hungry for both and will not stop chasing that with  purpose and putting in all the work necessary to get to the Pros. That's  not a dream but a mission and goal firmly established in his heart and mind. For a  school to stand out to Hayden he looks at a lot of factors. How many people have graduated from the institution, He also wants to see the staff and fellow athletes who are made to  feel like he/ they  are the most important assets in the world to the school and that program.. They should be able to acknowledge that. Hayden's advice and encouragement to those coming behind him, It's harder than it looks. There is a reason why they become the best in the nation regardless of what a magazine or website says . You gotta put in the work to be the best.  Also  , listen to your elders while watching the starters in front of you. Learn the playbook. Keep your grades up And finally stay away from all forms of trouble.. Outstanding advice yall.. Props to you Hayden for your leadership and wisdom to the next generation of stars. 


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