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The Ultimate Point Guard's Perfect Game

Jacob LaGrone @JacobLagrone33 , 5'10 , 135, c/o 27, from Sickles High School,FL is an electric young star with incredible blow-by speed. A pure triple threat scoring option . Fearless attacking the lane and finishing strong at the rim. A strong leader and the main ball handler with a high IQ to make game winning plays. Jacob has a strong work ethic on and off the floor that he uses to run the show effectively while being that rise for the occasion clutch shooter. Mixes it up on the boards well.. Dropping sweet dimes. The perfect point guard willing doi do whatever is needed to help the team win. In the AAU session Jacob averaged 18 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds per game. The biggest improvement has been the ball handling while being more of an offensive threat and better defender.. The success on the offensive end has been awesome and plain to see. Jacob's favorite accomplishment was doing whatever the team needed to win while getting a lot of recognition for all the hard work shining through speaking loud and clear.. Jacob's goal as a freshman is to make his mark right away and have a winning season. Helping the team win is still the driving force within Jacob. Jacob's discipline, commitment and work ethic that separates him from the pack.. A vocal leader that brings it every time handling his business on the court and in the classroom. while always pushing himself to be a bigger impact for his team.. Jacob has the drive and potential to develop into a solid D1 player just because of his work ethic and maturity.. .The key for Jacob is knowing the grind never stops and its a must to show up and perform at a high level every single game beginning with showing up at practice and the gym determined to get better every day. No doubt one to keep our eyes on without a doubt.


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