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The Ultimate Combo: Unleashing the Lethal Total Package

Aiden Law @AidenLaw20 ,6'3 , 175, c/o 25 from Saint Thomas Episopal High School, TX is a profile shooter.. Beautiful touch from deep but can get in the gaps effectively. A master facilitator always looking to hit the open man as he is a very unself player. Tight handles and extremely athletic. Can play solid defense And Aiden has no problem mixing it up on the boards. . Aiden's energy and hustle are contagious fueling his team .With his length he can get his shots off with ease and even contested shots aren't an issue for Aiden. Whether he is shooting over you or getting around you he will be effective getting it done out there.During the AAU session Aid averaged 18 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. While last season Aiden averaged 20.8 points per game, 7.3 rebounds and 4.3 assists. Fairly consistent despite the competition level. Aiden has set the goal to be undefeated while winning the state bring offers for his outstanding play. Aiden's favorite accomplishment is that state tournament and he is ona mission to return. Aiden's shooting is what sets him apart from the crowd is his shooting .His teaching on his release is a work of art. I have watched Aiden be a game changer on different occasions. Aiden is never afraid of the big moment. Aiden will be another D1 player as he continues to grow and improve. that nice skill set. Already proven leader and winner. There is no ceiling to how high he can fly. . Sit back and enjoy the show. Coaches, no way you miss out on this one., a complete player ..


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