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The Sentinel Sharpshooter: Precision on Offense, Steel on Defense

Clay Robertson

6'3” 185lbs.

Twitter: @clayrobertson7 

c/o 25

Spring Valley HS Huntington, WV


Robertson is literally a walking human highlight reel. He is a ruthless, unforgiving sniper who will make you pay from all over the floor. I’ve seen him hit countless shots literally from one step over the half-court line, and it was nothing but net. He is a combo guard who can play 1-4 flawlessly, both offensively and defensively.  He possesses a very high game IQ and he has incredible court vision. However, he’s not just a shooter. He can set up some absolutely dazzling passes to a crossing teammate. Did I mention he will snatch rebounds out of the air like the slickest of thieves? The kid just gobbles up boards like a kid gobbling up candy on Halloween. Defensively, he always draws the task of having to guard the opponent's best player, despite size or position, and he now excels at doing just that. He views it as a personal challenge to mentally break his opponents and completely shut them down. 


This past season Clay averaged 18 points, 5 boards, 4 assists, and  2 steals per game as he led Spring Valley to the WV state tournament while going 19-7 in class 4A. He had several 30+ and 40+ games. He is a vocal team leader, who commanded his team and often drew a double and sometimes even triple team, just to try to to slow him down. Notice I said “try.” And yet, through all that, he was STILL able to make his presence felt in every single game that he played in. Along the way, he joined the prestigious 1000-point club, while also racking up multiple honors, including 1st team All-Region and 1st team All-State. 


He is currently playing AAU for WV Gold, and he has managed to elevate his game even further, playing against some of the best talent on the circuit. He is averaging 23 points ,6 boards, 6 assists and 5 steals per game. He continues to prove that he is a leader, and continues to absolutely dominate the competition, game after game.


He first started playing the game at the tender age of 3! Each and every year he worked harder and harder to get better, and that work ethic has absolutely paid off. What completely boggles my mind, is in the past, he was a very underrated player, because some people ignorantly considered him to be a bit “undersized” and he didn’t quite pass the “eye test.” He was sometimes considered by some to be nothing more than just another above average shooter, however as the seasons have passed, and more and more people actually watched him play, it was quite apparent that he is just “built different.”


He is an absolute student of the game, who studies film and lives in the gym. He is always working to get better and better, each and every day. He is now not only considered to be one of the best players in the state of WV, but one of the best players in the entire Region of the country. That loss his team had in that state tournament game, left him with a very bad taste in his mouth.  He didn’t wallow in his sorrow, but instead immediately got to work and began working on improving in all facets of his game. He feels very confident in his passing and shooting, but he has vowed to be even better on defense, and that is just a flat out scary thought! 


Clay wants to play college basketball, and he is looking for a college program who truly can make him feel like he is at home and that he is a part of their family. This is very important to him. No coach could ever put more pressure on this kid than he already puts on himself.  He has very high expectations of himself and he holds himself accountable to a very high standard, both on and off the court. He is ok with a loss, as long as he feels like he 100% gave it absolutely everything he had.


I’ve been watching this kid play for a few years now, and the growth he has taken as both a player and as a person, is nothing short of incredible. I watched him personally go from a one dimensional scorer, to an all around COMPLETE player, who now checks all the boxes any coach is looking for. He can be trusted and depended on when the game is on the line to make something happen. When you have a player with his work ethic, who takes no days off, that is a dangerous person to have to play against. I literally remember telling him his defense had to get better, and now he is the best defender not only on his team, but in the entire state of WV.


What is absolutely scary for me to think about is he still has not even scratched the surface of what he is truly capable of. He has a VERY high ceiling, and is truly a rare, special talent. In one word? Unstoppable. His team has beaten Ashland, Ironton, George Washington, Nitro from Paintsville, KY Raceland KY and North Marion. VERY impressive resume!


Come check out the show for yourself:

July 13-14 Manheim, PennsylvaniaJuly 19-21 Indianapolis, Indiana His school list is open to any July 26-28 Lincoln, Nebraska


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