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The Scrappy Playmaker : Swish & Hustle

Updated: May 6

Max Contreras @max_contreras2 , Twitter- @maxcantreras09 , 6ft, 140, c/o 27 is a fierce playmaker for himself and his teammates. Max uses his high IQ to make some thread the needle passes. . When creating for himself , Max finds he spots to launch that beautiful rain maker from downtown  or he can slice his way into the lane for a  nice mid-range jumper or a strong finish at the rim.  Alex takes pride in his decision making when it comes to taking good shots. , he doesn't like to force anything, Max thrives at running the offense or out of bounds plays ,getting open from them and knocking down shots. When IMax has the ball in his hands on the drive , he is always looking for the open man because they collapse to slow him down. His team also likes to full court press the whole game which causes a lot of disruption and forces turnovers leading to open buckets. Max likes high ball screens because there are lots of options of what to do with the ball. Defensively Max 's  main thing is staying in front of his man. . Taking charges especially on fast breaks is a great momentum shifter which Max likes to do. Diving for 50 /50 balls is huge because they can be the difference in the game so Max doesn't mind doing that dirty work to get his team one more etra possession or to keep a play alive. Max is working on becoming a bit quicker on his feet, just to be an even better defender.

This season Max averaged 12 points(37% from 3), a game with a high of 32, and 246 total points throughout the season and shooting 86% from the line. while adding 2.5 assists, 2 steals,  and 4.5 rebounds a game.Max is playing in the Prep Hoops circuit and playing up in 17u. This AAU season my high has been 16. Max loves playing AAU because it teaches him new things for the school season. Any little thing can help and realizes playing up against better and more experienced players will pay off making him even better. In 3 tourneys so far ended about in the middle for all 3 over what he has seen so far, especially playing up. Max has learned to be more aggressive and have different finishing moves. Max sees what he needs to work on in my craft. For next season Max's goals are next seasonis to improve his confidence and back side help is where his team struggles so he will work on that as much as he can.

People talking trash to Max motivates him to play harder and want to destroy them. When things don’t go his way, Max gets it out of my head like a goldfish and goes onto the next play.  The most inspiring thing from last season was Max got to play with them for playoffs .

Coaches should know Max will work super hard and play every minute like it’s his last. Even when they are down Max will still keep playing and helping his team the best he can to make a comeback. Max is passionate about hustling for offensive rebounds and putting them back because that leads to easy buckets. He is a leader and doesn't yell at his teammates beratedly, but supports them and encourages them. Max sees himself playing D2 or D3 level. And if he continues to get better every single day , Max will live that dream. Stay tuned.


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